Last Piano Class!

A random picture of Ben... can you tell he's the ornery one? =)
     Today was our last piano class! Of course, there's finals on Thursday, but after that we're done. I was positive I was going to absolutely murder the scales, but I did them perfectly, and the teacher was very pleased with us both. Now if only I can do them perfect on Thursday...
     We're getting more and more settled in. Things are going quite well, and we're all happy with our new home. It's been raining like crazy, and everything is flooded, but not enough that it's caused much damage or inconvenience. Still, I do like sunny days best. Anyway, I'm going to go either spend time with my dog, whose been feeling very wet and neglected lately, or go read a book or something. I should practice scales more, but I just got back from class, so not quite yet... I'll give myself a break. =)

Quote of the day, from Jason: "Look! I think I see one of your piano-mates!"

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