Four stories tall, with an escalator!

     Sooo.... yesterday we went to Memphis for a fun little "Mom's-birthday-trip" First we went thrift store shopping, and I found a couple books, and a dress, and Dad found the coolest antique mandolin ever. It has a really interesting shape, and I think it's called a boat mandolin or something. Anyway he's going to draw it for his musical instrument plans business. I wish I had  a picture of it, but oh well, later maybe...
     Anyway! Guess what we did afterwords? We went to the Memphis library, and got two library cards, one for me, one for Mom. Combined, we can check out fifty books all together, which means ten books for each person. And what a library! It's four stories tall, it has an escalator, and two glass elevators, and it is the most amazing library I have been to in a long, long, long time. I'm so excited! *happy sigh* I think we all acted a little like country bumpkins staring up at the elevators, and wandering around in a daze. =) Best of all, we got to check out books right away, so we all brought a lot of books home. My best find was probably the sequel to Freckles, and I also got some by Agatha Christie, P.G. Wodehouse, and some of my favoritest authors. What?! Favoritest isn't a word? Ah, who cares...=)
     So I am really happy with all those books! And the little boys are very, very impressed by a library that has elevators, and escalators, and security guards! =)


  1. :) I'm happy for your library! how far is memphis from you? Next time you visit me, if you like, we can hang out at ISU's library, which is SIX stories *grin* (but I'm not allowed to check out 50 books)

  2. also, I found a sweet little used book store a few blocks from campus across from a fun coffee-shop cafe :)

  3. I think Memphis is maybe an hour and a half away? Not sure. It's about the same distance as St. Louis was where we lived before.
    I am pretty fond of libraries and bookstores! =)