Flood Pictures

     We went to Memphis on Saturday evening, to the library and Harbor Freight, which is Dad's absolute favorite tool store. We also kind of wanted to go just to see what the river looked like. Supposedly it hasn't flooded this bad in a hundred years. Which I can definitely believe. The river was more than three times as wide as normal! This first picture is coming into Memphis, across the bridge. We'd already driven over at least twice that much water, and I'm guessing the river usually only comes up to those trees.

     Here you can see the telephone poles in the middle of the water. We also saw several stranded cars, as well as an old school bus, that was almost completely submerged.
      Maybe you can't tell, because it's a little blurry, but that's the railroad track back there, with a train on it.
     And here's the levy, maybe a mile or so away from the river. I would be really nervous if I lived near by!

     So anyway, now you have an idea of what the flooding looks like. It's not half that bad in our Missouri/Arkansas area, but we've had our share too. We cross over a pretty major floodway on our way to church, and it's been pretty much as high as the levy in this picture. I don't think we've ever really been in danger, but it's certainly been interesting. Another thing we see on the way to church, is a farmer who parked all his tractors, combines, and other equipment up on top of his levy. The idea being, of course, that he doesn't want his equipment flooded, and that's the only "high ground" around!

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