Favorite Breakfast Foods

Apple pie (cold or hot, either way)
Fresh, homemade bread
Cold grapefruit sprinkled very liberally with sugar
Bacon, bacon, bacon! (I love bacon) =)
Leftover birthday cake
Chocolate chip cookies (well any kind of cookie)
Leftover brownies spread with peanut butter
Pretty much any kind of unhealthy dessert, I guess
Fried eggs (no runny yolks)
Pancakes with whipped cream on top
Pancakes with butter, brown sugar, and pecans on top
Lightly buttered toast
Bagels and cream cheese
Yogurt, granola, and fresh fruit (Aunt Shayna taught Mom that)
Chicken salad, which is not a breakfast food, but who cares. Neither is ice cream, but it's next.
Ice cream =)


  1. yey! I made it to the breakfast list. . . gotta love the Shayna special :) You really like dessert for breakfast :)

  2. Yeah... =) If anyone makes pie or cake or cookies, I think "That's my breakfast tomorrow!" =)

  3. apple pie and bacon :) I'm with you there!

  4. Really crispy bacon... no sticky, chewy fat. I like mine crunchy. =)