Almost Summer!

     Hello, hello! It's been a little bit since my last post... I haven't been doing much, though. Actually I've been doing a lot, but it's all boring stuff like cleaning and painting and getting the little house ready to sell. Today we're cleaning the house (the big one) and then we'll probably paint trim at the little house. Tomorrow a whole bunch of homeschooled kids are coming over, and Dad is going to be a Biology teacher again for just one day. We're going to dissect fetal pigs and frogs. Ew. I don't think I have much choice about it though, because the whole thing came to be because of the fact that I never did dissections for Biology. I could have survived with that, but apparently dissections are a vital part of being educated, so... yeah.
      Speaking of school, I'm almost done! I have about three more lessons in math, and maybe one book, and then my summer begins! I'm so excited. =)
     P.S. Aren't our roses pretty?

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