Little house, big house, old one, new one.... confusing!

Wind-chimes on our new front porch.
 I'm back, and this time I remembered my camera! That's a good thing... =)  Right now Dad is sanding the wood floors, here in the "little house". They need a new finish, so we are doing that, among other things, before we get this up on the market.
 When we came home, after being at our old home (yes, it's confusing!) Piper and I took a walk around the neighborhood. We ran into a couple of dogs, behind fences, and otherwise, but mostly we managed without mishap. There was a little dog named Ginger, though, a third Piper's size, who almost got in a fight with Piper, but her owner jumped off the lawnmower and got her, and we moved on quickly. =)
 This is my Piper-doggie. Isn't she beautiful? I love her so much, even if she is hyperactive and gives me troubles. =) So far both dogs have been pretty happy at the new house. Piper's been remarkably good, considering all the stress and change, and the things I was worried about aren't even issues. She's walked very nicely on her leash, and she seems to have got over her fear of stairs, and trotted right up to my room after me. She even snuck through an open door and visited me without an invitation. It was rather startling to have her suddenly show up like that. =)
  Here's Pookie. She refused to hold still for my camera, and so it serves her right if she gets silly pictures of herself posted on my blog. =) Did you know her name is actually Phoebe? I nearly always call her Pookie, though, so I almost forget. A while ago, Sam was protesting that I always called her Pookie, and said I ought to stop, because she was growing up. I told him she was always going to be a Pookie-type, no matter how big or old she gets, and he had to agree, cuz she's such a fat, silly, babyish type. But that's okay, it's prolly why we love her so much.
     Well, don't know when I'll be back, although we should be here at the internet house fairly often. =) Tomorrow we start school again, which I'm not happy about. We took the week off to move, so we're a little behind. I'm afraid I'm not near done for this year, but I want to be so bad!

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