Visiting the internet...

     Well, we are here at the "little house" visiting our internet. =) Or at least, that's what I'm doing. The rest are doing industrious things like vacuuming. I don't know when we'll switch the internet to the other house, but I hope soon, because I am missing my blog. =) I think we officially live in the new house now, seeing as we sleep and eat there. The dogs are with us too, now. Piper and I went on our first walk on the leash around the neighborhood, and she behaved pretty well, thank goodness! I like the neighborhood a lot, it is peaceful and quiet, with trees and big yards, and nice people. =) Someone is always out mowing! Dad has talked some to the next-door-neighbor, and come to find out, they have a boy and a girl around Sam and my ages, and they're homeschooled! I haven't met them yet, but it's interesting to think about. Could be cool if we make some new friends, huh? Today I taught Sunday-school for Patty, because she's in Michigan. It was very awkward and un-fun, because only one girl came, and she didn't talk or anything! And I'm not that good at talking myself. It would have been sooo much more easier if I had a couple of rowdy boys instead. I know how to deal with that! =) Oh well, I have a lot of miniature chocolate Easter bunnies left over! =) Well, I better go. We're probably headed back home in just a little bit here. I am really kicking myself for not bringing my camera, cause I can't upload my pics when I don't have them. Next time, though... =)


  1. Glad you liking your new house! And yes, you really do need to get you internet switched, I'm missing yur blog too ;-) Hope you make freinds with you neighbors!! :)

  2. I know, I know! At least we have internet somewhere, if not in immediate reach! =)