Spring Treasures and Contrary Easter Eggs

The boy's small spring treasures. Violets, snail shells, bird's eggs...
     The dress is coming along! I'm not sure if it will be done by the time Grandma leaves, but I think we just might be almost done with the bodice. I can probably do the skirt myself. (Probably!) It turned out to be a bit of a difficult pattern, and Grandma says I'll be able to sew anything by the time we're through...  The weather's been lovely, and everything is really turning green now. There's a few ugly little mosquitoes showing up, which I am not happy about! No sweltering weather yet, though. The boys are dyeing Easter eggs, and I'm making one too. It's going to be purple, mostly because that's the only color available. Nobody wanted it. Hmm. We were all glad to see Dad again yesterday. He brought Jason and Ben some little wind-up Easter toys. Ben's broke right off, but they fixed it. Later all of them were watching Rocky and Bullwinkle on Mom and Dad's bed. Grandma and I were sewing, and no one came to bother us for an hour at least! Lol. We had to go to a piano lesson again today. It was a pretty boring lesson, and it gave me a headache. The Easter egg people are now complaining because the dye won't work. I'll go check on my purple egg, and then I'll be back with a few pictures.
Me blowing dandelion fluff in Piper's face. Ben blowing bubbles. Everyone enjoying the nice weather.

Sewing! (And more sewing!)

Rocky and Bullwinkle, anybody?
The butterfly hunting continues. It's been keeping them quite occupied.
Ben and Jason's Easter presents from Dad.
Scamp, the giant stuffed dog practices the piano. We make him wear the earphones, he sounds so bad.
     So anyway, there's a few pictures and a little bit about what we're doing. I had thought that by the time I finished this there would be Easter eggs to take pictures of it, but apparently they will have to wait for another post. Last I checked my purple egg has only made it to hot pink! So I shall leave you in suspense until next time. I'm sure you await it eagerly. ;-) So I'm off to return Grandma's camera. I've been stealing some of her pictures again. See you later...

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