Some pictures...

This is me doing school in the new house. I stole the boy's toy tub, and flipped it over to make a little work area.

Finally it's actually sold!

The house. Well, duh. I guess you could tell it was the house. =)

Weeping willows...

Aren't these pretty?

Jason on the stairs. He loves to pose for the camera.

Dad painting

Sam painting
     I'm a little overdue on pics! But now you know what I'm talking about. I figured most of you knew what the house looked like anyway from Mom's facebook. That's all I have to say. Hope this was at least kinda interesting.


  1. Your new house is AWESOME!!! I can't wait to come visit you guys! :D btw, I love the willows (:, I wish ours was still living :(

  2. I know! You need to come visit very, very soon.