More Painting!

     It’s all coming along pretty well. We’re working on painting the living room now. We brought along our schoolwork, and did math and Sonlight at the house while Mom painted. That didn’t take long for me, so then I did some painting, and other stuff.  Sam is finally feeling better, but he didn’t bring any paint clothes, which is rather exasperating. I’m quite tired of being the one who works hard, and I think it’s time for him to take up his role again. Lol! (It’s true, I’m lazy.) Honestly it’s been a boring day, but we got quite a bit done, and we’re all excited about the house. It’s been raining all day, and the wind has been awful. Dad says we won’t be able to do wood floors downstairs, because of moisture issues, which is disappointing. So, it’s going to be tile instead. I don’t know why people live here, honestly. It’s a pretty nasty swampy place. I miss my hills! It’s really flat and ugly here, and it was so lovely in the Ozarks. :-( Everything will be better when we move out of that tiny house into our lovely big new one, though! Thing really are looking up! =)


These are the things I’m happy about:
The two weeping willows in our new backyard. They’re gorgeous!
This one is important! Three bathrooms instead of one. :-)
A less squishy kitchen, with an amazing oven that preheats in three minutes flat.
Two windows in my bedroom (I love it) =)
The possibilities (that’s the best maybe!)


These are the things I’m looking forward to:
Grandma’s coming for a week!
We’re moving in after Mom and Dad’s trip
I might get some new furniture sometime soon...
I’m going to have a blast decorating my new room
The St. Louis book sale in April ( I. want. to. go.!)
My birthday (June is a ways away, but hey, I’m making a list of things to look forward too!) =)
Summertime and everything that comes with it! (Ditto)

So I’m pretty happy! And happiness is good... =) =) =) ... At least I think so.

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