Mom's Back! =)

     Mom's back! We slipped out right at the end of the church service, and went to pick her up at the airport in Memphis. Fortunately we only had to circle around three times before she came out. I remember once we had to pick up Dad and Sean at the airport, and we went around nearly a hundred times. It was awful.
     Mom brought lots of goodies for us. =) A whole lot of random stickers and other things from (great) Aunt Helen, and earrings and stuff from Aunt Shayna. Well earrings for me, and other stuff for the boys. =)
     We're all really glad Mom's back. Very soon we start to move! I think we're planning on moving it one room at a time. We didn't really box anything up, cause it's only around ten minutes away.
     The cold front is gone, thank goodness, and everything is getting into the habit of staying green. =) Isn't it lovely when winter is over?!

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