Lightly coated in sawdust.

     Today was piano class. We have only two classes left, and then finals, which sounds very ominous to little homeschooled me. =/  Probably won't be that bad though, after all it's piano not algebra or something like that. Sam is unhappy because we have to do scales, but I kinda like them.
     We're over at the little house now, working on the floor. Mom's sanding, and I guess I will have to take my turn soon. It smells terrible because of the stain and sawdust, and my nose itches! We brought the dogs over, and they are having fun. They probably won't be happy when they have to go back to town. They've been pretty good, though. If they start barking at night, we tell them no, and shut them up, and they seem to have figured it out. Once I was still awake at eleven, and heard them barking, so I went out and shut them up, and scared Mom half to death, cause she didn't know who was downstairs. Good thing Dad just had a flashlight and didn't conk me on the head or something. Lol!

At this point you have to stop reading for twenty minutes before you go on. jk. I had to take my turn sanding. If you want to pause for effect you can, but I won't make you. Pretend you have sawdust in your hair and up your nose though. =) Moving on...

How is everyone liking the weather? It's not too bad here, although I've heard plenty about flooding and tornados and dams bursting. It has rained and thundered every night and kept me awake, though.
Well, that's all I have to say at the moment. All I'm doing lately is moving stuff around and walking the dog and sanding floors and that kind of thing, so I'm not too interesting. Soon we should be settled in though. I hope!

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