It's a baby rabbit!

 We went for a walk with the dogs, and ran into this little guy.The boys picked up right as it started storming on us, and we all ran to the house as fast as we could.
 Not sure how old it is, or what kind of food it needs. I'm kind of thinking they should put it back where we found it, but they don't like that idea at all.


  1. Oh dear, I have a feeling that Lady will soon be bringing me little fuzzy suprises like that. I just keep mine in a box (normaly they are too small to jump out, but this one is bigger)that they cant jump out of, with a water dish, grass, and some rabit food...they learn what to eat after acouple days. Of course, mine have always been in major shock, cos Lady terrorizes them. I love how they have that little white streak on the top of their heads. Is this one really skiddish? When I got my first one, it was about that size, and his ear did not come up for weeks!

  2. Oh, one more thing, if you get more, and they are super small, I use alittle eye dropper bottle thing and give them semi warm milk. They like it :D good luck!