Lovely Windowsills =)

 This is my new room. =) It's actually pretty hard to get pictures of a whole room! Hopefully you can get an idea, though. There's no mattress on the bed yet, and the ceiling needs painting and the carpet is crap, but I love it anyway. =) Eventually we'll get a double bed so this can double as a guest room. For now, we split my old bunk-bed in half for Sam and me.
 It looks like there's only one brown bottle on the windowsill, in this pic, because so much light is coming in. I love having two windows, and the windowsills are gorgeous! There so wide you could put practically anything on them. All of the bedrooms are this color. It's not what I want permanently, but I can definitely live with it for a couple months.
 See what I mean about the windowsills? It makes me want to go antique and thrift store shopping to find little things to fill it with, but for now it makes a good place to store bottles and teacups. =)
Well tomorrow is The Moving Day of Them All. With capitals. =) A couple of guys from church are coming to help move all the big furniture, and I think tomorrow will be our first night sleeping at the house. We had some issues with plumbing and the sewer, but I think Dad figured it out. Thank goodness! Anyway, better go. Mom is packing up the kitchen now, and she'd probably like me to help. ;-)
P.S. Look what I found! Isn't it lovely? =)

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  1. yey!! I love it! The window sills are great!