Internet again!

     Well we sorta have internet again. The big computer isn't really hooked up yet, just Mom's laptop. Dad will get it all figured out when he comes home, though. Can't use any of my pictures though. :-( Sad.
     We're kind of settled in now. School is dragging dreadfully, and I'm terribly sick of it. School should not exist when there's nice weather outside. It finally is nice, too. It seems like it's been raining for-ev-er!
     Today is Mom's birthday! A couple of days ago, I asked Jason if he knew Mom's birthday was close. His eyes got really big and he said no! But we need to talk about it! So he convinced Mom to drop us all off at Wal-mart to buy her birthday presents, and he's super excited. I don't know if he's expecting Mom to share her birthday present with him, or not. Probably not, I just realized he's kind of picky about (shall I whisper?) things with chocolate and nuts in them! I'm not though...... =)
     *Big Sigh* Isn't algebra just a crime in April? *Sigh again* Bye, I'm going to go hide from it...

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