Piano recitals, butterflies, dress bodices, and other such things...

     Had a good piano class yesterday. We're starting to do scales and stuff, which might be fun. (might not too!) Mr. Hay said he was taking us on a little field trip... It consisted of going to his office and the choir room to look at the insides of all his pianos to see how the pedals worked. You know, all the little hammers and strings and stuff. It was pretty interesting. Grandma and the boys went to the Dollar General while waiting for us, and then they walked around in the college for a while... doing what I don't know. When we came out they were sitting on the grass reading books, and they had cold bottles of soda for us. =) We came home, and Grandma and I worked on the dress for a while. It's more complicated than we thought, but it's going to be nice. We worked on the bodice, which was kind of hard. Then we forgot that we were sewing the back of the bodice, and kind of panicked because it didn't look like it was going to fit my front. A few minutes later we realized it was the back piece, and thought well, duh...! Lol! Between the two of us we manage to have a few hilarious moments. I think it's going to fit fine though, especially if we have the back and front pieces in the right places!
 The boys have been catching butterflies like crazy. Jason loves it. They have this little butterfly house thing, and butterfly nets. Jason is always going for the record, and cries and howls when we have to let them go.
We went to a 'faculty recital' or something like that at the college last night, which means that it was our piano teacher, and the guy who teaches choir. The choir guy had a pretty amazing voice, and of course our teacher did good. The first half was in German and French, which Sam says was boring. I have to agree I liked the English songs better. Prob'ly just because... you know... I could understand them better! Getting Ben and Jason to sit still was a major concern, but they did remarkably well. Of course, they were the only little kids and reaallly stuck out, which didn't help issues. But they did good. Some random stranger even told us so!  Lol. It was an hour long, which was good, because at the end of an hour, they were ready to burst. We came home and let them have ice cream and watch the Pink Panther, since they behaved. Grandma and Sam and I finished watching The Ransom of Red Chief, which was an old movie with very strange and disturbing special effects. Lol. Dad came home sometime really late last night. I barely woke up when Grandma let him in. He didn't have a key to the deadbolt or something... So I haven't seen him yet, but we will tonight. Mom is visiting Aunt Shayna now! Hope she's having fun. =) Let's see what else?... Pretty much nothing. So far all we've done today is school. Have to go practice piano, and do my literature book. Oh ugh, right now I have to read some excerpt from Moby Dick, and it's oh so boring!!! :-( 


  1. So fun to see what you all are doing! Love you!

  2. As Jason would say... "I do too!"