Grandma's Here!

The boys and Grandma doing garden stuff.

     Grandma's here! She got here a little bit after lunch yesterday. She took us out to eat last night at a little Chinese buffet for Mom and Dad's anniversary (can you believe it, they're sweet 16! Grandma says they've certainly been kissed though.) Lol!
 Argh! I'm angry with this. I've always been able to rotate pics the way I want to before! Argh. Moving on. Grandma and I are planning to sew a dress while she's here. Like it? I still need to get some fabric. I'm thinking probably something with a big pattern.
Grandma brought the best potato chips in the world! I don't know why they don't sell them everywhere, because they are the best kind. You can only get them around Central Illinois where Grandma lives.
I just finished this book! It was reaaallllyyy good! Maybe more on it later...

I've been trying to help Grandma find some fun places to go around here, but there's nothing! No state parks, no museums. Nothing. So we figure we are just going to have to create our own "attractions". Probably we will watch a movie, have popcorn, etc. tonight. Maybe make cookies or something. Tomorrow we'll go to church, of course. It will be funny for all of us kids to be there without Mom and Dad. Ooo, and I'll get my fabric at Wal-mart. I am relying very heavily on Grandma to tell me what on earth the pattern is talking about. (And to sew in the zipper! lol.) See ya!


  1. I'm glad your gramma is with ya! Oh! I like the dress alot :D :D Hope it works out for you!!!

  2. Isn't she the best? =)I got the fabric for the dress! Maybe I'll put up some pictures later...

  3. You better not have eaten all of my favorite chips! JK I packed a baggie for me to eat on the plane. ;)

  4. Are you really up at 5:43?! ugh

  5. Well, maybe not, because it says I'm up at 7:52, and that's not true! =)