Today we close on the house. Haha. April Fool’s Day. Seriously, though! At two o’clock we will  finally get the house. Unless somebody is playing an April Fool’s Day joke. I sure hope not. It’s taken forever and ever. At this point it’s starting to drive me absolutely bonkers how slow it’s going. I mean, really, we made an offer in January! They put up a sold sign in February or March, and every time we see it, we think. Um yeah right, if it’s sold why can’t we move in! The neighbors are probably wondering why on earth we’re taking so long to move. It’s not us!!! It’s the realtor and the plumbers and the inspectors, and all those other people who do their jobs the wrong way at a snail’s pace! We decided not to move until after Mom and Dad’s trip. I am kind of relieved, because it would not be fun for us kids and Grandma to be living out of boxes while trying to set up new schedules and rules, and trying to arrange the furniture! It will be a lot more easier and fun to have everything in place, so we can just keep going with our schedule. However, we will be over there painting stuff right away! Maybe even today... Practically the whole downstairs is a bright red, which I think I’ve said before, but anyway it’s getting painted! The upstairs was awful too, except thankfully they hired someone to paint over the dark green and red with a neutral color. It’s not the color we’ll want to have forever, but we can definitely live with it until more important things are taken care of. So, I am preparing myself for painting and tearing down sunflower and rooster wallpaper (!), and I will be back soon with pics so you all know what I’m talking about. :-) I’m afraid I’ve been quite boring lately, with nothing to do or talk about, but stuff is finally happening! I’m excited! =)

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