A croquet mallet, an old golf ball, and some random plastic flag make a golf course, in Jason's opinion.
 I'm not sure how much he knows about golf, especially since I know nothing, but he yelled "Fore!" when he got it into the hole. Lol.
Here is my bedroom furniture and the dining room bookcase going to the new house. I miss my bed! At least I still have a mattress...

We took a load of furniture over last night, and now pretty much all my stuff is transferred to the new house, and I am starting to organize my new bedroom, which I <3!! When it's clean and organized I will show you pictures of it. Today we did Mom's room, and the boy's room. I think Dad is eventually going to get some guys to help with the real big stuff, and we should be moved in by the end of this week. I'm so excited! =)

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