Books and Painting

I got three books in the mail today! (Thanks to messing with Mom's Paperback swap account and using some of her points.) =) One by Gloria Whelan, which turned out to be a little short :-( , one about making miniature rugs, and a collection of short stories by L.M. Montgomery. I read the whole book of short stories in spurts between painting and other stuff. We spent pretty much the whole day at the new house, give or take a few hours on both ends. We're entirely done doing Kilz (primer) in the schoolroom, and Mom started on the actual color, which is her typical creamy white. When it comes to interiors, pretty much what she always wants is wood floors, lots of windows and light, and a green or white paint scheme. Pretty simple, but it's always beautiful. Dad is starting to organize the garage (there's no way it's gonna contain him and his projects!) Mom started working on the flower beds some, and Ben did some push-mowing. He came in with a super red face, and grass all over himself, but I think he enjoyed it. I'm sure it was hard work, because the whole yard, front and back is covered inches deep in those little purple flower weeds, whatever they are. Jason played with Legos upstairs, and Sam messed on his laptop the whole time. Sam's been sick for days and days with a fever and earache and stuff. Which is inconvenient for me, because I have to work harder. ;-) I am getting pretty excited about moving in! There are going to be a few interesting things about living in town, like teaching the dogs to walk properly on a leash, and preventing Jason from spying on the neighbors from the trees, and screaming when Ben makes him mad. Although, come to think of it, maybe we should more concern ourselves with keeping Ben from making him mad. Most people think Ben's sweet, but hmph! He really knows a lot of sneaky ways to make people mad and still look like the good guy. (I do too, and that's how I know this!) Ben and I are alike in some ways, and he drives me nuts! It's weird but sometimes I get along better with people who aren't like me. On the other hand, Sam has an opposite personality from me, and he makes me plenty mad, too. Oh, and Jason makes me mad sometimes... Really, I think it's safe to say that they all annoy me sometimes! But that's okay, I would be concerned if we didn't have arguments! Well, I better go now. I am not looking forward to scrubbing myself raw trying to get paint off! I suppose I could go to church tomorrow with white splotches and dots and speckles, but I'd rather not!

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