Mud, Mud, and Mud

Ben, Me, Piper, Sam, Pookie, and Jason =)

Grandma told them they could play outside, and they ended up in the mud.
It's been raining a lot! The boys and the dogs love the mud.

     We made it to Tuesday! Challenges of the day will include getting to piano class on time, and convincing Ben and Jason to sit still at a concert they're having tonight at the college. It will be fairly interesting for Sam and I, especially since our teacher is playing the piano, but we know from prior experiences that the boys will be bored to death. Perhaps some notebooks, colored pencils, etc. are in order. The rabbit... um... wasn't doing well, which I rather suspected. They put it back where it came from, and I think it probably died, which is sad. It's better than it dying here, though. As it was Jason spent the first few hours mourning the fact that you can't keep wild rabbits. We would have had major issues if he knew it actually died, but he got over releasing it relatively quickly. I borrowed these pictures from Grandma's camera, since I used up any interesting ones I had. (Grandma's camera is notorious for having many, many pictures of her grandchildren on it.) At the top you can see Ben and Jason with their butterfly nets and cage. I don't know if they're migrating or what, but there's a remarkable number of monarch butterflies around at the moment. Oh dear, now Jason's whining about bonking his head. I never saw such a kid for getting hurt! Well, I'm off. Got to go practice piano, and pretty soon we'll have some lunch. See ya!

P.S. This blogger thing's clock is not right! Hmm, I wonder if it's set for my time zone. Interesting, I never thought of that before. Oh well... 


  1. Oh, I see now that the bunnie is no more..Oh well, I guess you can take the info I gave you on wild rabbits in-case you find more! lol ;-)

  2. Lol. yeah... I didn't want them to bring it home because of that. :(