Almost Friday...

     Today we had a test for piano class. Sam got a perfect score, and I am annoyed with myself, because I'm pretty sure I could have done the same, except I always get nervous. It's weird, because I like the teacher, and he's not at all intimidating, but I still get nervous when someone watches me. The sad thing is, I missed several notes that I had played perfect a hundred times before the test. Argh. Oh well, I'm still getting good grades. It's aggravating when you know you're capable of better, though.
     We didn't do much painting, we were all kind of exhausted. I'm afraid Mom and I are coming down with whatever Sam had. I am not happy. I don't want to be sick when Grandma comes! Hopefully I will not get it as bad as him. Grandma's coming tomorrow. I'm so happy. =)
     Not sure what all we're going to do while she's here, but we'll have fun. We still have to do school and all that junk ;-) but that's okay. The more we get done, the sooner comes summer! =)
     They finally have the Andy Griffith show instant on Netflix! That's good, cause we'll have something to watch with Grandma. Maybe we'll find some cartoons and old movies besides that, too.
     The dogs are kind of wound up. They haven't had much attention lately, and they hate it when we leave them all day to go paint. Every night when we come home, Piper throws a little fit, which consists of agitated leaps and bounds around us, punctuated by short yipes and howls to make her point. It's always cracked me up, ever since she was a little puppy, the way she reacts when you come home, or let her out of a pen or kennel. You'd think she'd be glad that you came and got her, but no! She puts up an enormous fuss to let you know how much she hated it. It's pretty funny. Sometimes she gets a bad attitude too, when she doesn't want to obey. She'll do what you say, but she'll make a loud aaa-woowoowoo noise to let you know she doesn't want to. Lol. I'm wondering how she'll react to Grandma taking Mom and Dad's place. She's kind of protective of her pack, and I expect she won't like it. That is, I'm sure she'll like Grandma, but she'll worry about Mom and Dad.
     It's almost Friday peoples! That might be my favorite day of the whole week! See y'all! (Uh-oh, am I turning Southern?) jk.

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