It seems like all we’ve been doing recently is waiting. The biggest wait is to see whether or not we actually will buy the house in town. The pipes burst when they turned the water on, and so they have to have plumbing work done, and then they have to do plaster work! Unfortunately there’s some kind of a deadline on the loan, so we won’t get to buy it if they don’t get all that work done in the next week. And even more unfortunately, nobody wants to get to work and get it done, and the people who did do the plumbing did it wrong! (They were also the people who winterized it wrong, which caused the pipes to burst!) They also gave the realtor a low estimate, and then charged more than triple the estimate! Over all, the plumbers are being jerks, and everyone is moving as slow as molasses, and it is very frustrating. And so we wait. And wait.
    Then of course, we’re waiting for spring, and spring break, and summer, which I think everyone is doing. We might be going to Illinois to visit family and friends on spring break, but it kind of depends on what happens with the house. Then in April, Mom and Dad are going to Florida for some aviation sort of conference that Dad is going to for work. And after that, Mom is going to visit Aunt Shayna in South Carolina for several days. Mom will be gone for over a week, and Grandma Wildermuth will come and stay with us, which will be fun.
    But that’s all weeks or months away, so we’re all waiting... Not only that, but I’m not even sure we’re going to stay here. Maybe we’ll move again, to a different state. I have no clue what will happen, but I promise that it will be interesting, and that I will write about it, though! :-)
    Skype is so weird! That was an abrupt change of topic, but we set up Skype on Mom’s laptop, so that Aunt Heather and Toby could wish Ben a happy birthday. It didn’t work very well with them, I’m not sure why. It was kind of jerky, and Jason and Toby both wanted to tell each other knock-knock jokes, so one of them would say “Knock-knock”, and the other would say “Knock-knock”, and then they’d both say, “No! You have to say Who’s there?” Anyway, it was fun and hilarious. Then a day or two later, we did skype with Aunt Shayna. It was a whole lot clearer, and we could actually have a conversation. It was really weird, because she was there, but she wasn’t. She walked her laptop around so we could have a tour of her house, and we did the same for her. Technology is a little strange! Google earth is weird too. The other night Mom was showing us all the places we used to live, and so fun and strange! We could practically walk around the neighborhood in Texas, where we lived when Sam and I were only two and three. It was so weird! I think I’ll sign off now, I still have lots of school to do. I woke up super late today and have a lot of catching up to do!


  1. What time do you wake up in the morning? Woah, yes, technology is very weird...but what would we do without it?!?! Lol ;-)
    hey,i am writing a letter to you...its just taking absolutely forever...so who knows when you will get it! :D

  2. Normally I wake up a little after eight. Actually that might be a lie. Lol! Since Dad is teaching night classes, I've been staying up late, and getting up at almost ten. Which isn't good, I don't think. Lol. When I have piano class I get up at 7:30, so I can take a shower before everyone's up, and that's very impressive for me!