Sock Creature

     I was sorting through my clothes (something that always needs done when spring comes!), and I discovered several practically brand-new socks that had holes in them. :-(  One I think I cut a hole in when I cut the tag off (really bright!), and the other one was a pair of toe socks that Piper bit a hole in when she was a puppy. Obviously they were too cool to waste, so I decided to make a sock creature. It is not an animal, it is not a person, and it does not need a nose. Not that smart people like you would think such things, but I have been explaining this over and over again to Ben and Jason. I'm not saying Ben and Jason are dumb either, they are just a little annoying to have around when you're making something. :-) So anyway, behold the sock creature. I think I also told Ben and Jason I didn't know if it was a boy or girl, but that was before I sewed the flower button on the hat...
     Not much going on today. More computer games and reading, and waiting. Tuesday we find out about the house.We were asked to fill in for music at church tonight, which I am not thrilled about, but I suppose I will survive. And that's pretty much it! I'm off to conquer a boring afternoon!

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