Weird Earrings

     So this is a picture of my ear. Lol. But really it's supposed to be a picture of the earrings I made. They're rather interesting, and honestly I can't ever imagine what I would wear them with. However, I really had a need to do something creative, and that's what I did...

      Today was a spring-cleaning sort of day. Mom scrubbed all the floors, and we had all the windows open. It was really nice. The spring part, not the cleaning part, that is.
     We had some people over from church tonight. They have a little boy who's almost two, and a baby girl. So I held a baby for a long time, which I have not done in forever, and we all had fun. I am hoping that somehow there will be some of the apple pie we had left when I wake up. Apple pie is one of my favorite things to have for breakfast. :-) Speaking of waking up, there's a time change! Ugh, I really don't like it. I like the one in fall, when it feels like you get an extra hour of sleep. I don't know if we're adding an hour or subtracting an hour this time, I just know that I like the other one better. :-)

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