Short shopping trip

Me and my new hat, enjoying Spring!!!
     Today Dad had to go to some sort of event to recruit students for the aviation program he works at. It was at Arkansas State University, which is in Jonesboro, and the rest of us came along and did some shopping. We also looked around at the library to see if it was worth getting a card. We're always looking for bigger libraries. ;-) We went to Barnes and Noble, and Target, and other good places like that. At Target, I got myself a watch, and this lovely gray hat. I like the watch better than anything at Wal-mart, but I still really do not want to wear it. Everyone says I have to though, because I never know what time it is, so if I go somewhere by myself, I never know when to meet everybody else. Plus, since I am taking a college class, even though it's only piano, I probably should have a watch. They're so bothersome though... We had fast food and Doritos for lunch, then we had to pick up Dad, and head back so Sam and I could go to class. We didn't do much in class, because Spring break is coming up. Basically we just waited around for everyone to do their playing test. I went last, because we had to wait around for Mom to pick us up anyhow. Everyone else left as soon as they were done. Everyone, including the teacher was in a very good mood because of Spring break. Me too. We're going to Illinois to visit friends and grandparents, and it will be lovely. :-) So if I don't blog for a while, that's why... Complete change of subject here, but it's absolutely gorgeous outside. So I'm going out to enjoy it and spend some quality time with my problem child, Piper. :-) Look at my white arms in that picture! Don't worry, I'll be tan soon! :D

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