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 So. I was looking at some catalogs we got in the mail. The first one was a cool Pottery Barn one, and the second was this one from Oriental Trading, full of (ahem) fun and wonderful VBS and Sunday school stuff. Perhaps it was not nice of me, but I nearly died laughing at it. :-)
 First of all, while looking at all the delicious-looking, and also the not-so-delicious-looking candies, I came across these. "Frosted Lamb of God Suckers Each 2" grape-flavored sucker is on a 4" plastic stick. Individually wrapped. Fat-free" Anyone want a fat-free grape frosted Lamb of God sucker? Sounds amazing!
Then I came to this one, and I just exploded. "Plush Long Arm Religious Gorillas Each cuddly gorilla has touch fasteners on its hands and a cross embroidered on it's chest..." Oh wow! I am really wanting a plush long arm religious gorilla! Sorry. That just really cracked me up.

I love the way the use the word religious. They have religious Easter eggs, religious resealable sandwich bags, religious fish tattoos, religious stampers, and what's more, you can get a Medium Religious Assortment, or a Mega Religious Novelty Assortment. It all depends on how religious or novel you want to be...

So anyway, have a lovely weekend, beginning tonight. =D, and if you need any religious, inspirational, or faith-filled candies, erasers, etc... now you know where to go!

Oh and, P.S. You can also get little packages of Easter prayer pretzels. And I quote: "Each package explains: "The pretzel symbolizes arms crossed in prayer."" Dear me! I never knew that. I shall be sure to think of prayer next time I eat pretzels, however.

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