Postponed Again!

     No house on Tuesday... The lazy, incompetent inspector dude did the paperwork wrong. I'm really, really tired of this! It's very annoying to have something put off and put off, and you can't to anything about it. Maybe Thursday we'll get it! Maybe, maybe maybe! At least we're waiting for something good, it's even worse when you're waiting around for something bad to happen. I think it has been put off so often that we might not even be moved before Mom and Dad go on their trip and Grandma comes. I'm sure we'll be over there painting right away, though. Nearly the whole downstairs is a hideous red, and the kitchen and bathrooms have nasty wallpaper. But hey, I just said bathrooms, right? I am really looking forward to two and a half baths versus only one! Other things I am looking forward to are: having two stories, the two beautiful willow trees, and my bedroom which has two windows instead of one. I can't wait. Unfortunately, I have too....

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