Pookie's Barking Problem

Pookie has a middle-of-the-night barking problem. She barks, and barks, and barks! In fact she seems to feel that the world will fall apart if she doesn’t utterly devote herself to the task of barking her head off. The odd thing is, Piper seldom joins in. In fact, it makes you wonder if Piper has assigned Pookie to be the midnight-barker. Pookie sits on the deck steps, and tips her head back and barks, and Piper just settles in front of the door, and watches her. Or maybe Piper is thinking the same thing we are, which is: “What on earth are you barking at? Shut up!!!!” It’s really kind of funny, because Pookie is the laid-back one, and Piper is the high-energy one, so you’d think it would be the other way around. Wait! Did I say it was funny. Oops... that was definitely a typo. It’s not funny! In fact, Pookie is driving us nuts, and depriving us all of sleep. It’s very difficult to tell her to be quiet too, because if you yell “QUIET!!!” she just takes it as an encouragement to bark even louder. You can’t give her a good smack either, because as soon as you open the door, she abandons her post, and bounces over to greet you Pookie-style. “Hello! How are you? It’s just absolutely wonderful to see you out here at three in the morning. You do know I love and adore you, don’t you? Will you pat me on the head? I’m such a brave little doggie! I’m holding off the whole world, just so you can sleep!” And so then you can only say, “I love you too, Pookie. Would you mind, um... toning it down for a while?” And then you stumble back to bed, and as soon as your head hits the pillow, she’s at it again. I really wonder what on earth she thinks she’s doing. Maybe there really are stray dogs and stuff out there. It’s quite possible. You would not believe the amount of stray dogs in our neighborhood, and they all seem to congregate on our property. Only they aren’t actually strays, because they all have homes. People just let them loose to roam around, so maybe I should say stray-roamer dogs. Anyway, roaming dogs or not, Pookie is being ridiculous, and so for the past few days, Piper and her get to sleep in the chicken house at night! ( which, btw, doesn’t have any chickens in it...) They hate it! Piper especially, absolutely loathes being shut up at night. She throws a fit, which involves dashing around like crazy, and yipping at the top of her lungs, every morning, just to let us know how much she hated it. Unfortunately, it’s the only way we can get some sleep at night. I’m kind of worried about what will happen when we move to town. Mom says if Pookie barks in town, we’ll have to get her a muzzle at night. That would be sad. :-( I hope she learns not to bark soon!   

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