Pink flowers, and pet turtles

Me'n Jason :-)

I'm not sure what this tree is. I think magnolia. It's beautiful, anyway.

Close-up of the flowers

Another tree. I think this one is some kind of fruit tree.

The boys, or rather Piper and Phoebe found an enormous red slider turtle.

They are going to keep it as a pet, but I'm guessing it will gain it's freedom when we leave for Illinois on Monday.

Jason, admiring their find.
And just now, I witnessed Sam prying up the tractor mower with a concrete block and a board. (To see if there were baby rabbits underneath) There weren't, and the board fell on Ben's head. Poor Ben. I guess now he'll know to stand very far away when Sam undertakes something like that. (which happens fairly often) We aren't really doing school today, except Sonlight, which is pretty much our history books, and historical fiction and classics to go along with it. So we aren't doing much, except enjoying the weather, cleaning house, and being lazy. This evening we might be going to a Bible study at a friend's house. Dad is back on day schedule, so we can go to Wednesday and Friday night Bible studies again.

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  1. i never remembered seeing this post..weird. but i love it! :D