Pants won't send you to hell.

I don’t believe you will go to hell if you...

Kiss before marriage
Don’t homeschool your children
Forget to read your Bible every day
Are a female who goes to college, or has a job
Date, instead of do courtship
Wear an immodest swimsuit
Don’t believe everything your pastor says
Decide to only have two children
Tell jokes, or have a good time
Wear pants
Forget to call your elders ma’am and sir
Don’t believe in the cause of the glorious South
Decide you don’t want to get married
Believe in evolution
Don’t eat healthy food
Use any form of tobacco or alcohol...

In fact, I don’t believe you will go to hell for anything, except not receiving Jesus Christ. My point is, however, that some people act like you will go to hell if you do any of the above. They seem to feel that their primary purpose in life is to convict people of sin ( i.e. dating or wearing pants.) So anyway, I just thought I would assure you that you are not going to hell for any of the above reasons. If you are, than that’s bad news for me, because I’m not a Confederate, and I wear pants, and I fully intend to go to college and date at some later point in my life. :-) Isn’t that terribly wicked of me?  

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