More waiting...

     Everything's kinda slow today. We're not sure if we get a house on Tuesday or not. As my title says, more waiting... *sigh* I'm getting awfully tired of waiting. It's so boring! If we get to close on the house on Tuesday, I'm not even sure we'll move in. Mom and Dad are going to Florida, and then Mom's going to visit Aunt Shayna in a week and a half (?) so maybe we'll move after that. I don't know. I guess I'll just have to wait. And wait.
     Nothing interesting is happening today. I stayed in my pajamas forever reading and playing computer games, and then once I was dressed, Mom had me make strawberry shakes for lunch. =) There was left over fried rice too, and Ben and I had hot dogs. Later we had angel food cake (aren't we being spoiled!), and we watched Open Season 2 on Netflix. It was really dumb. Mom is making lots and lots of food. I think it's either for when we move, or when Grandma comes to stay while they're on their trip, or both. I'm quite glad, because last time we moved (which was only last August, I think), I got so, so sick of frozen pizza!
     Well, I don't really have anything else to write about. Oh yeah, we had some hail earlier this morning. It's been storming all day. Hopefully the dogs found some place to keep dry. I'm afraid they don't get much attention or love when they're all wet. Poor dears. I ought to be more loving to wet dogs, but that is an area where I fail. Lol. Signing off, now. Hopefully I'll have a more interesting life soon!

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