More L.M. Montgomery!

These are some of my favorite books ever! I know I already wrote about Jane of Lantern Hill, which is probably my favorite, but there's lots of other good ones too! Emily of New Moon is somewhat similar to Anne of Green Gables, because Emily is an orphan, and it's about her making a home with new people. Unlike Anne, she has quite a few relatives, but none of them really want her. In fact, they draw lots to see who will end up with her! She ends up going home with Aunt Elizabeth, Aunt Laura and Cousin Jimmy. Aunt Elizabeth is very strict, and not at all loving, and rules the household with an iron fist. Aunt Laura would be nice, except she's afraid of Aunt Elizabeth. Cousin Jimmy is not quite "all there" but he loves Emily in the ways he knows how. Emily wants to be a writer. No, let me correct that. Emily is a writer. She can't help writing, and even when Aunt Elizabeth forbids it, she still finds a way to write. She's a bit of a queer child who makes friends with trees and the wind, and is always waiting for "the flash", a strange glimpse of something beyond. Cousin Jimmy says it's second sight. I've also seen an Emily of New Moon series on Netflix, which is pretty good. They make it more creepy than it really was, though. Anyway, I'm wandering from the topic.                                                                                                                            
Kilmeny of the Orchard is almost ridiculously romantic. It's quite a bit shorter than the other ones, and it's not as good as Anne of Green Gables or Jane of Lantern Hill. Not many books are, though. It's actually told from the perspective of a young man named Eric. When he goes to be a teacher in a small country town, he meets a beautiful girl who can't speak, but plays the violin beautifully. He falls in love with her, of course, but Kilmeny refuses to marry him, because she's afraid a dumb wife would drag him down. Eric does his best to find a cure for her, but the doctor says it's impossible...

 Magic for Marigold is about a little girl with no father. She lives with her meek, quiet little mother, and her grandmother, and several other aunts and cousins. Her family is a large clan, with Grandmother as the leader of them all, and they all must be consulted about everything. When Marigold was born they all had a meeting to decide what to name her. Her mother wanted to name her Marigold, but she knew no one would listen to her. Fortunately, they could not  agree on a name, and when  the un-named baby almost died, the doctor who saved her was named Marigold, so she got the right name after all. Not sure this story has much of a plot, I can't really remember it if there was one, but it has plenty of good stories, and is worth reading.

You know, it's odd, but a lot of L.M. Montgomery's books seem to be about the same thing. Little girls who either have no family, or a broken family, and are just looking for love. They're always very imaginative children, with odd and romantic ideas. If you read about L.M. Montgomery's life, she was an orphan who lived with her very strict grandparents, and her childhood was kind of similar to Anne, and Emily, and Marigold's. I think she wrote about what she knew, and I imagine she was an Anne- sort- of- person. Another thing I would guess from reading her books, is that she loved cats, and hated peppermints. I can't be sure of course, but nearly all her little girls love cats and despise peppermints. Anyway, those are some interesting thoughts... 


  1. I just sent mom to the library to look for some of those! :D


    ps, it says 'anonymous', cuz i am to lazy to sign into my account, Lol ;-p

  2. Hope you find them. They're some of my favorite books ever! (or did I already say that?) Lol. Mom bought me all the Anne of Green Gables ones several years ago, and I've been collecting the rest off of Paperback swap, or wherever I see them.