I'm Back!!!

Jason and Ransom
     So... that was kind of cut short. We were there for only one whole day, and then we had to come back, due to the fact that maybe we will probably possibly be closing on the house finally. Maybe. Perhaps. Actually I think this time it will really happen, but I am not very happy that we had to leave early. :-(   It better happen or I will be mad at various people. >:-(  I don't know if that's how you make a mad un-smiley face, but that's how I decided to do it.

Moving on, though, how about I tell you about the part of the Spring Break trip we did get to take.

The boys climbing at elephant rocks.

Chancellor, Jason, Piper, Ben, Pookie, Sam

Jason being hot.

Definitely a bad hair day with the windows open.

Free popcorn!
We woke up at 5:30, or something awful like that. It was still dark, and we all pretty much slept with our eyes open for several hours. When we woke up enough to be hungry, we had homemade Chex-mix for breakfast. We reached CWW (Christian Wings for the World) around ten, maybe? CWW is where Dad learned to fly, and he had to do some kind of flight renewal thing. That took several hours, but fortunately Mom's friend Candace, and her boys Chancellor and Ransom, met us at Elephant Rocks, and we had a great time there. For anybody who doesn't know what Elephant Rocks is, it's an amazing state park with enormous granite boulders, where I used to live. I miss it. :-(   We took Piper and Phoebe with us, which was, unfortunately, an experience. They are...um... not leash-trained. At all. I feel like such a bad parent. Piper nearly pulled me to pieces, and I got kinda upset with her. Also with myself, because now I have to somehow teach a 50-pound something German shepherd to walk on a leash properly. Not good. We must have spent an hour there, and then we ate lunch at CWW with Lionel and Sara. Then we headed for Illinois! We had a few minor mishaps, one involving a radiator hose or tube or belt or something, but we made it. :-) We had several admirers of our doggy trailer, and actually met a lady who had fourteen German shepherds at home. (fourteen!!) Sadly, or maybe happily, we also got a call from the realtor about the house, which is why we had to come home today. We had supper with Grandma and Grandpa Morris, and Carolyn and David. We walked to the park with Carolyn and David, and then we sat up till eleven talking. Or at least I did. I think certain people stayed up longer. Specifically, anyone who wasn't Mom or her kids did. ;-)  We had some trouble with the dogs, because Piper and Quigley (Grandpa's dog) wanted to fight. However we prevented them from killing each other. The next day I went shopping with Grandma Wildermuth, and Mom. (mostly to thrift stores and K-mart) I got some nice summer clothes, and then we met Carolyn and one of her friends at Culver's for lunch. I had a chocolate milkshake. =) Don't tell the boys. Grandma Wildermuth invited all of the Morris family to her house for supper, and made a delicious meal involving ham, mashed potatoes, corn, brownies, and other delicious things. When it got dark, we played Ghost in the Graveyard with Dad, Carolyn, and David. (Ghost in the Graveyard is only played at dark, and involves one person hiding, and the others finding him. They count one 'o clock, two o' clock, and so on, until they reach Midnight! Hope to see a ghost tonight!, and then everyone runs off to find the 'ghost'. The ghost picks an opportune moment to jump out at people, and chases them back to base. Anyone who sees the ghost yells 'Ghost in the graveyard, run, run, run!', and that's the cue to run for base. Whoever gets tagged is it next.) And then... we had to go home. :-(  We had a looooooooong trip today, and it got very exasperating sometimes, but I'm back! Hopefully I didn't bore you to death with this. The pictures are more interesting, except they're scattered throughout with no order at all...

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