I Am David

     I Am David, is the story of a young boy who has lived nearly his whole life in a concentration camp, until one of the guards offers him a chance to escape. David is suspicious, but he feels he has nothing to lose in trying. To his great surprise, he is not caught or killed in his attempt to escape, and he finds a bag containing food, soap, and a compass outside the camp, just as the guard promised. He begins a long journey, following the compass North, to Denmark. He doesn’t know what he will find there, but the man told him that is where he must go if he wants to be free. As he travels, David is overwhelmed by the world outside, and all the things he has never seen. Most particularly, he finds the color fascinating. He has never, ever seen such colors in the camp, and he is spellbound by the reds, yellows, blues and greens of the world outside. He is very afraid and suspicious of people, but slowly he begins to learn that not all people all cruel to others, and that there is such a thing as love and happiness. Where will he find love and happiness for himself? Well.... I would strongly recommend that you read the book to find out! And after that, watch the movie. In our family it’s always a rule to read the book first, and you should, because almost always it’s the best. Actually though, I was really impressed by the movie. It was very true to the book, more than any movie I can think of, and it had gorgeous scenery. No wonder David was overwhelmed by the color. So in conclusion, both the book and movie are very, very good, and they are both on my extremely long list of favorites. :-)