Happy Birthday to Ben!

Probably the most favorite present of all. He got her yesterday, as well as a home for her from Grandma W.
The birthday meal. Garlic-buttered shrimp, cheesy mashed potatoes, corn, strawberry soda, and homemade rolls.
Lighting the candles...
Preparing to blow out the candles...
A large Butterfinger candy bar from Sam.
Also on his list of presents were arrows from Aunt Shayna, two more large candy bars, toy motorcycles, a lego set, a Ticket to Ride game, etc.
Very pleased to have a card from his "favorite aunt" At least that's what the return address said... :-)
Using his new pocketknife to open something, and making Mom wish Sam had asked before passing on his pocketknife!
Ben is now officially nine! We had his party, and he really,really enjoyed being the center of attention. Jason had a few jealousy issues, and once the table was cleared he very forcefully declared "Ben, your birthday is OVER!!!" But mostly the rest of us enjoyed it... ;-)  We kind of had to run off and go to piano class, but he had sufficient time to admire his presents. Now that we're back, a game of Ticket to Ride, as well as raspberry sherbet floats are looming somewhere in the near future...

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