Gettting Ready...

 Tomorrow we're headed for Illinois! We're leaving at six in the morning, and we won't be in that spacious van either, we're going in the station wagon to save on gas. That's why this contraption came into being. The big box is where Piper and Phoebe will ride! Ben's rabbit Firefly will be riding in the smaller compartment. Somehow we didn't feel it was wise for her to ride with the dogs.
They have two little windows and the door to look out of. It's a much better solution than we had for the holidays. They rode in the car with us then, and when we got out, they had to come too, or else someone had to stay with them. This way, we can still get them out for walks, but we won't have to. Which is super nice, because we stop at thrift stores and other interesting places along the way, and I hate taking my turn to stay with them. I'm sure we'll get a few odd looks, but I'm kind of used to that. This isn't half as unusual as hauling an airplane on the back. (and we've done that more times than I can count!) So we're all super excited, and I wish it was tomorrow. I'm looking forward to seeing our grandparents and friends. I ought to go now, and help out though. I need to finish cleaning my room, then we go to church tonight. There's a special incentive for going tonight, because we're all having ice cream. :-) Anyhow, farewell blogworld, and I will see you after my wonderful holiday! :-)

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