A few of my minis!

I got these for like five bucks while antique shopping with my amazing Grandma! =)

And they come with this lovely old box. And (!) they're actually from Holland. =)

This is my grand piano, from Mom and Jason. They found it at a thrift store.

This is also came from an antique adventure with Grandma. It's actually a pencil sharpener.

Another antique! Or at least it was found in an antique store ;-)

This one came from the miniature museum in St. Louis, which Mom and I went to last birthday.
     So! This is my small collection of miniatures which I did not make. (As opposed to the large collection that I did make.) Aren't they nice? I love my minis. <3 <3 =)  Today is a very gloomy day. It's raining and it is sooo dark! (you can maybe tell that, because the lighting on these pictures really stunk! It took forever to get them to be okay.) The day is depressing, and I have no inspiration, and so I decided to post these to cheer me up. And it did. I was looking at miniature blogs yesterday. I think my favorite was one about Paris, which had minis, as well as lots of amazing Paris pictures to inspire mini-loving people. I loved the storefronts! *Sigh* I want a dollhouse of some sort so bad... I'm unfortunately picky about it, and I want to make my very own, which is never going to happen in a million years, until we have a shop and I can convince certain people to help. (Sam and Dad!) Maybe when we move! Sigh again! I will not mention the fact that the house is delayed again, because it will make me grumpy again! Lol. Again.

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