Ben makes a paper chain, for his birthday celebration.
     I remember when Ben was born, I got a black eye. Grandma Wildermuth had come to watch us, and we were all playing in the front yard. The phone rang, and I was so excited, that I dashed up the steps, and ran right into the doorknob. But the good news, was that I was right! My baby brother was born.
    When Mom and Dad told Sam and I we were going to get a baby, we didn’t believe them. They had made a nice dinner to make it a special occasion, but we were sure they were joking. A new baby? No, that can’t be! I’m not sure how they convinced us, but they must have, because I remember sitting on Mom’s lap in church, and giggling because I could feel Ben kicking or hiccuping.
    One of our favorite things to do back then, was to play an old fiddling record on our very ancient record player, and dance around the room. We were delighted when Mom informed us that Ben was dancing inside her, too.
      Once he was born, we absolutely overwhelmed him. Sam patted his head like he was a little dog, and Mom had to constantly lecture him about the fragile nature of baby’s heads. We kissed him on the head, we swung him in the swing, we shoved toys in his face, and chattered away at him, while he sat and stared solemnly at us.
    Of course, Ben didn’t stay small for very long, and I’m not sure we’re quite such adoring siblings these days... ;-) All the same, I think we’re all glad to have a Ben in the house.
    He’s ornery, and sweet, and it’s next to impossible to get him to stop laughing. Sometimes he annoys me a lot, probably because he’s most like me, of all the boys. He’s kinda sneaky, and ornery in ways that nobody notices but me, because I’m the exact same way. Sometimes we both get a little indignant at each other for using our own personal tricks and sneakiness. But that’s okay, ‘cause everyone else thinks we’re awful sweet. ;-)
    Tomorrow is March 8, and Ben is turning nine! That’s pretty crazy... He’s going to have garlic-buttered shrimp for his birthday meal. ( I think it’s hilarious that a nine-year-old would pick shrimp, but on the other hand I definitely agree with his tastes...) Also on the menu is strawberry soda, strawberry cake, and raspberry sherbet. And I suspect that if I offer to make rolls or cheesy mashed potatoes, he’ll agree. =)
    So wish Ben a happy birthday! I won’t tell you what he’s getting for his birthday, because he might see this, but I happen to know of some exciting presents he’ll be getting. 

 Oh and, Coming soon.... pics and comments on Ben’s birthday party.

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