An average, boring Sunday...

    Today is a very boring sort of day. I don’t have anything to write about, but on the other hand, I’m bored, so I am writing, and I imagine that something interesting will come out like it always does. :-) I am reading the diary of Anne Frank, which definitely promises to be good. We made a trip to the library a few days ago, and so I have some books to read. Yesterday I read Do Butlers Burgle Banks? By P.G. Wodehouse, and it was pretty good. I also have an enormous book of short stories by Washington Irving, which I am sure to never finish, and some sort of memoir by Theodore Roosevelt’s daughter in-law. I had some other ones too, but they were ones I could finish fast, and that type doesn’t even last me a day, because I read them right away. One of them was by Joan Bauer, who is a new author I have found to read. She’s been good so far, and I love her writing style.
    Come to think of it, it’s almost time to go to church. This time change thing has set me off. Dad is starting Genesis on Sunday nights. Today I helped with Sunday school, so I have no clue what our pastor did this morning. You probably wouldn’t want to know anyway. :-) Speaking of our church, it is getting bigger, and they are thinking about getting a new building. Right now it’s on a store front, but maybe we’ll be moving into an empty theater near by. We all looked at it this afternoon. It would need a lot of work, but it has a lot of possibilities too. So anyway I don’t know what will happen. If we move to the theater I can help paint, though. I’ve done a bit of that, and I’ll probably have to do a lot more if we ever get to move into that house! Well, I’m signing off and getting ready for church. Hopefully I have time to post this, and also find some random pic to go with it. Posts are so boring without pictures! Toodles!...


  1. Oh, I loved The Diary Of Anne Frank sooo much! I think you will too, I think I read that book in a day, it was oh so good! :-D

  2. Yup, I think so too! =)