Are You Normal?

     Announcing the normal homeschooler competition! Have you ever wondered whether you, as a homeschooler are a fairly normal person? Have you ever asked yourself, ‘Am I weird?’ If so, you are not alone! Not only that, but we’ve put together this handy little quiz to help you ascertain just how weird, (or just how normal), you are! Anybody who gets a score of five, on all twenty questions, will win a ‘I’m a normal homeschooler’ medal. Don’t hesitate! Take the quiz now, and see if you truly are normal, or not!!!!!

1. Suppose that you are a sixth grader. If someone asked you what grade you were in, what would you answer...
   A. I’m in sixth grade. (5 points)
   B. I’m supposed to be in sixth grade. (3 points)
   C. I think I’m in eighth grade. (1 point)
   D. I’m working on my PhD. (0 points)  

2. You’re on a shopping trip with a friend, and you go to JCPenny’s. Your purchases include...
   A. Some tops that you really thought were cute. (5 points)
   B. A few things you found on the clearance rack.(3 points)
   C. Nothing, you only buy clothing at thrift stores. (1 points)
   D. Nothing, you don’t feel that they carry modest clothing. (0 points)

3. The holidays are here! Somebody asks if you have you have your Christmas tree up yet. You say...
   A. Yeah, we got it out yesterday! (5 points)
   B. We’re still trying to decide whether to get one this year. (3 points)
   C. We don’t ever have a Christmas tree. (1 point)
   D. We don’t believe in Christmas. (0 points)

4. When you come out of your bedroom in the morning, you will be wearing...
   A. Jeans (5 points)
   B. Probably jeans, but maybe your pajamas. (3 points)
   C. A skirt, or jeans and a belt with your shirt tucked in (1 point)
   D. A skirt, preferably an ankle-length blue jean one. (0 points)

5. Someone asks you what you like to do. You say...
   A. Watch TV, chat on Facebook, etc. (5 points)
   B. Nothing, you hate that question, and don’t know how to answer it. (3 points)
   C. Um... read.. and um... (1 point)
   D. Help my mom with chores, and play with the siblings God has blessed me with. (0 points)

6. Someone asks you what you want to be when you grow up. You reply...
   A. I don’t know yet. (5 points)
   B. Oh, lots of things... (3 points)
   C. I don’t want to grow up (1 point)
   D. A ballerina, princess, or mad scientist (0 points)

Pretend that if you click here, the rest of the twenty questions will appear. ;-)

So how was your score?  I averaged about a three (or maybe a two), but my score hardly counts, because I wrote it, and of course I was influenced by my opinion of myself and other people. Which basically means that I think I’m kinda weird, but I’m glad I’m not as weird as some people. This quiz thing could have gone on, and on, but I decided against it. After all, writing a normal homeschooler quiz probably scores a C.(one point) on the normal scale, and writing a three-page one? Definitely a zero, and that would really hurt my three average. :-)


  1. Lol, I got a 5 on almost all of them, just not he JCPenny one cos I like clearance! ;-)

  2. ha ha...I like to think weird is a good thing, and as being unique...just hope we were never "too unique" ;)

    Have you seen Tim Hawkins "Home school Family"?

  3. @Nonii: I knew you would be more normal than me! I will have to come up with some questions that will prove you are weird enough to be my friend. Lol!

    @Cat: Tim Hawkins is a family favorite! I think maybe the homeschool song is how we found him. Unique is good! I like that word best, I think. :-) And weird is mostly good... Mostly.