The Adventures of Acorn the Squirrel- by the talented authors: Lydia and Jason

     This is Acorn the squirrel, and his family. He's the one in the middle. Fatty is the one on the right. Jay-squirrel is on the left. The biggest squirrel is their mother. They all live together in a hollow tree. One day, Acorn decides to fly away in a hot-air-balloon in order to see the world and find new friends.

                                                          He flew for many, many miles, until...

                                          Oh no! He's stuck. Help! Help! He doesn't know what to do!

Fortunately, it is an exotic Bolivian tree, which is home to three monkeys. They hear Acorn's cry for help, and rush to give him aid. He stays with them for a short time, but soon he is eager to be on his way. He thanks them for helping him, and flies on.

Several days later, he lands in Australia, and stops to make some repairs to his balloon. He meets a kangaroo and her baby. They help him patch his balloon.
                                                  Before long his balloon is as good as new, and he's off again!

His next stop is Africa, where he meets Coconut the elephant, Wallace the monkey, and a lion who ran away from home, and does not know his name. Acorn likes it here best of all, and he stays for many days. He's getting homesick, though, so he went off again.
He's home! Acorn enjoyed his trip around the world, and he made lots of new friends, but now he knows that there's no place like home.

                                                                                    THE END

 Oh wait, it's not the end. Jason said we needed a picture of the authors.

And there you have it. The Adventures of Acorn the Squirrel. Perhaps it lacks a little excitement. Ben thinks the lion should have been unfriendly and chased Acorn the squirrel, but Ben wasn't willing to help much, so too bad for him.


  1. Isn't Jason creative? He made the hot-air-balloon by himself. As for the actual storyline, we've both written far better stories. But the hot-air-balloon? Most impressive!

  2. Awe, that is pretty cute! :-) Looks like you both had fun.

  3. This is a great story!
    And perhaps the most curious thing about it is I have those exact three squirrels and the Kangaroo!
    The three squirrels had many adventures outside as well, but, alas, they were never documented. ;)


    P.s. that the balloon actually floated with the squirrel in it; I'm impressed!