Peter and the Starcatchers

     This book is awesome! It's a sort of "prequel" to Peter Pan, and there's at least three other books in the series. Normally I do not like it when an author tries to imitate another person's story, but these guys did an amazing job. I would probably say this story is written for older kids, but even though it has a more complicated plot, etc. it still retains a lot of the magic and adventure that makes Peter Pan... well, Peter Pan! So if you've ever wondered why Peter can fly, and how he ended up on the island, you should definitely read this book. I won't give away the whole plot, but it includes Hook, Smee, Tiger Lily, and several new wonderful characters. No Molly, but there's a girl who sounds remarkably like her. (Except I like her better than Molly.) And I promise you won't go, eww! those guys totally screwed up the story! Because they didn't. In my opinion, they made it better!

P.S. The story continues with two other really good books called: Peter and the Shadow Thieves, and Peter and the Secret of Rundoon. Oh! And! I saw another one at Barnes and Nobles the other day. I don't remember what it was called, but I want to read it... (!)


Legalism Smothers Color

     The dictionary says that legalism is strict conformity to the letter of the law rather than its spirit. To me legalism just stands for oppressive rules that some ‘Christians’ try to make everyone follow. Don’t get me wrong, the Bible definitely states some things as black and white. For example, I don’t think there’s much question about whether murder, adultery, and stealing are wrong. There’s a lot of things that aren’t black and white though, and I don’t think anyone has any business saying they are.               
    For instance, think about television and movies. Does the Bible say what we should or should not watch? Nope! I think God leaves that up to each person’s conscience, and it’s their business, not anyone else’s. Some people put the line here, and others put it there. Actually, my family has a pretty strict line compared to most people. But that’s okay, I don’t really view my parent’s standard as legalistic, because they don’t tell us that everyone else is wrong, or that God likes our way better.          
    That’s what really gets to me about legalism, is when people say that they are better because of their little rules and laws that they invented. They invented, not God! I think I’ve mentioned before that pants won’t send you to hell? :-) It’s true! But there seems to be a lot of people who think that wearing skirts is an important part of being a good Christian! And of course, since it’s so important to them, you know how they view people who don’t wear skirts... (Although I should be careful not to be legalistic myself by saying that everyone who wears skirts are condemning people, because not everyone is!)
     That brings up another point. Legalism doesn't leave room for the fact that God made individuals. If you say that God wants everyone to get married, you don't leave any room for the person who doesn't ever get married. If you say that God wants everyone to homeschool, you don't leave any room for the mom who can do a better job with her kids in public school. If you say that God wants everyone to wear yellow, you don't leave any room for the person whose complexion looks horrible with yellow! Lol. God made individuals to be individuals, and he didn't make stupid rules about what colors we should wear, what we should watch or listen to, what we should eat, etc.
    So anyway, this is kind of rambling and confused; but the point is, Jesus died so we could be free from the Law, and I find it really aggravating when people who say Jesus saved them want to impose the very legalisms and laws he saved us from, on everyone all over again. Maybe what I really want to say is that everything is not black and white, and that God doesn’t mind if we have a little bit of gorgeous color in our lives! =)


A few of my minis!

I got these for like five bucks while antique shopping with my amazing Grandma! =)

And they come with this lovely old box. And (!) they're actually from Holland. =)

This is my grand piano, from Mom and Jason. They found it at a thrift store.

This is also came from an antique adventure with Grandma. It's actually a pencil sharpener.

Another antique! Or at least it was found in an antique store ;-)

This one came from the miniature museum in St. Louis, which Mom and I went to last birthday.
     So! This is my small collection of miniatures which I did not make. (As opposed to the large collection that I did make.) Aren't they nice? I love my minis. <3 <3 =)  Today is a very gloomy day. It's raining and it is sooo dark! (you can maybe tell that, because the lighting on these pictures really stunk! It took forever to get them to be okay.) The day is depressing, and I have no inspiration, and so I decided to post these to cheer me up. And it did. I was looking at miniature blogs yesterday. I think my favorite was one about Paris, which had minis, as well as lots of amazing Paris pictures to inspire mini-loving people. I loved the storefronts! *Sigh* I want a dollhouse of some sort so bad... I'm unfortunately picky about it, and I want to make my very own, which is never going to happen in a million years, until we have a shop and I can convince certain people to help. (Sam and Dad!) Maybe when we move! Sigh again! I will not mention the fact that the house is delayed again, because it will make me grumpy again! Lol. Again.


Postponed Again!

     No house on Tuesday... The lazy, incompetent inspector dude did the paperwork wrong. I'm really, really tired of this! It's very annoying to have something put off and put off, and you can't to anything about it. Maybe Thursday we'll get it! Maybe, maybe maybe! At least we're waiting for something good, it's even worse when you're waiting around for something bad to happen. I think it has been put off so often that we might not even be moved before Mom and Dad go on their trip and Grandma comes. I'm sure we'll be over there painting right away, though. Nearly the whole downstairs is a hideous red, and the kitchen and bathrooms have nasty wallpaper. But hey, I just said bathrooms, right? I am really looking forward to two and a half baths versus only one! Other things I am looking forward to are: having two stories, the two beautiful willow trees, and my bedroom which has two windows instead of one. I can't wait. Unfortunately, I have too....


Sock Creature

     I was sorting through my clothes (something that always needs done when spring comes!), and I discovered several practically brand-new socks that had holes in them. :-(  One I think I cut a hole in when I cut the tag off (really bright!), and the other one was a pair of toe socks that Piper bit a hole in when she was a puppy. Obviously they were too cool to waste, so I decided to make a sock creature. It is not an animal, it is not a person, and it does not need a nose. Not that smart people like you would think such things, but I have been explaining this over and over again to Ben and Jason. I'm not saying Ben and Jason are dumb either, they are just a little annoying to have around when you're making something. :-) So anyway, behold the sock creature. I think I also told Ben and Jason I didn't know if it was a boy or girl, but that was before I sewed the flower button on the hat...
     Not much going on today. More computer games and reading, and waiting. Tuesday we find out about the house.We were asked to fill in for music at church tonight, which I am not thrilled about, but I suppose I will survive. And that's pretty much it! I'm off to conquer a boring afternoon!


More waiting...

     Everything's kinda slow today. We're not sure if we get a house on Tuesday or not. As my title says, more waiting... *sigh* I'm getting awfully tired of waiting. It's so boring! If we get to close on the house on Tuesday, I'm not even sure we'll move in. Mom and Dad are going to Florida, and then Mom's going to visit Aunt Shayna in a week and a half (?) so maybe we'll move after that. I don't know. I guess I'll just have to wait. And wait.
     Nothing interesting is happening today. I stayed in my pajamas forever reading and playing computer games, and then once I was dressed, Mom had me make strawberry shakes for lunch. =) There was left over fried rice too, and Ben and I had hot dogs. Later we had angel food cake (aren't we being spoiled!), and we watched Open Season 2 on Netflix. It was really dumb. Mom is making lots and lots of food. I think it's either for when we move, or when Grandma comes to stay while they're on their trip, or both. I'm quite glad, because last time we moved (which was only last August, I think), I got so, so sick of frozen pizza!
     Well, I don't really have anything else to write about. Oh yeah, we had some hail earlier this morning. It's been storming all day. Hopefully the dogs found some place to keep dry. I'm afraid they don't get much attention or love when they're all wet. Poor dears. I ought to be more loving to wet dogs, but that is an area where I fail. Lol. Signing off, now. Hopefully I'll have a more interesting life soon!


A Small Child's Dinner Song (by me)

I don't believe I ate my meat,
And all my peas are in my seat.
But it is all off my plate,
(Blame the carrot spill on fate).

I think I'm ready for dessert.
You must admit I did exert,
To finish off what's set before me,
Please bring me lots of cake.


I'm Back!!!

Jason and Ransom
     So... that was kind of cut short. We were there for only one whole day, and then we had to come back, due to the fact that maybe we will probably possibly be closing on the house finally. Maybe. Perhaps. Actually I think this time it will really happen, but I am not very happy that we had to leave early. :-(   It better happen or I will be mad at various people. >:-(  I don't know if that's how you make a mad un-smiley face, but that's how I decided to do it.

Moving on, though, how about I tell you about the part of the Spring Break trip we did get to take.

The boys climbing at elephant rocks.

Chancellor, Jason, Piper, Ben, Pookie, Sam

Jason being hot.

Definitely a bad hair day with the windows open.

Free popcorn!
We woke up at 5:30, or something awful like that. It was still dark, and we all pretty much slept with our eyes open for several hours. When we woke up enough to be hungry, we had homemade Chex-mix for breakfast. We reached CWW (Christian Wings for the World) around ten, maybe? CWW is where Dad learned to fly, and he had to do some kind of flight renewal thing. That took several hours, but fortunately Mom's friend Candace, and her boys Chancellor and Ransom, met us at Elephant Rocks, and we had a great time there. For anybody who doesn't know what Elephant Rocks is, it's an amazing state park with enormous granite boulders, where I used to live. I miss it. :-(   We took Piper and Phoebe with us, which was, unfortunately, an experience. They are...um... not leash-trained. At all. I feel like such a bad parent. Piper nearly pulled me to pieces, and I got kinda upset with her. Also with myself, because now I have to somehow teach a 50-pound something German shepherd to walk on a leash properly. Not good. We must have spent an hour there, and then we ate lunch at CWW with Lionel and Sara. Then we headed for Illinois! We had a few minor mishaps, one involving a radiator hose or tube or belt or something, but we made it. :-) We had several admirers of our doggy trailer, and actually met a lady who had fourteen German shepherds at home. (fourteen!!) Sadly, or maybe happily, we also got a call from the realtor about the house, which is why we had to come home today. We had supper with Grandma and Grandpa Morris, and Carolyn and David. We walked to the park with Carolyn and David, and then we sat up till eleven talking. Or at least I did. I think certain people stayed up longer. Specifically, anyone who wasn't Mom or her kids did. ;-)  We had some trouble with the dogs, because Piper and Quigley (Grandpa's dog) wanted to fight. However we prevented them from killing each other. The next day I went shopping with Grandma Wildermuth, and Mom. (mostly to thrift stores and K-mart) I got some nice summer clothes, and then we met Carolyn and one of her friends at Culver's for lunch. I had a chocolate milkshake. =) Don't tell the boys. Grandma Wildermuth invited all of the Morris family to her house for supper, and made a delicious meal involving ham, mashed potatoes, corn, brownies, and other delicious things. When it got dark, we played Ghost in the Graveyard with Dad, Carolyn, and David. (Ghost in the Graveyard is only played at dark, and involves one person hiding, and the others finding him. They count one 'o clock, two o' clock, and so on, until they reach Midnight! Hope to see a ghost tonight!, and then everyone runs off to find the 'ghost'. The ghost picks an opportune moment to jump out at people, and chases them back to base. Anyone who sees the ghost yells 'Ghost in the graveyard, run, run, run!', and that's the cue to run for base. Whoever gets tagged is it next.) And then... we had to go home. :-(  We had a looooooooong trip today, and it got very exasperating sometimes, but I'm back! Hopefully I didn't bore you to death with this. The pictures are more interesting, except they're scattered throughout with no order at all...


Gettting Ready...

 Tomorrow we're headed for Illinois! We're leaving at six in the morning, and we won't be in that spacious van either, we're going in the station wagon to save on gas. That's why this contraption came into being. The big box is where Piper and Phoebe will ride! Ben's rabbit Firefly will be riding in the smaller compartment. Somehow we didn't feel it was wise for her to ride with the dogs.
They have two little windows and the door to look out of. It's a much better solution than we had for the holidays. They rode in the car with us then, and when we got out, they had to come too, or else someone had to stay with them. This way, we can still get them out for walks, but we won't have to. Which is super nice, because we stop at thrift stores and other interesting places along the way, and I hate taking my turn to stay with them. I'm sure we'll get a few odd looks, but I'm kind of used to that. This isn't half as unusual as hauling an airplane on the back. (and we've done that more times than I can count!) So we're all super excited, and I wish it was tomorrow. I'm looking forward to seeing our grandparents and friends. I ought to go now, and help out though. I need to finish cleaning my room, then we go to church tonight. There's a special incentive for going tonight, because we're all having ice cream. :-) Anyhow, farewell blogworld, and I will see you after my wonderful holiday! :-)


Today's main feature? Homemade stilts, of course!

Ben and Jason, after narrowly avoiding a collision.
Oh my word, I have a lot of hair! I guess everyone else knows that. Lol!

Samuel grinning his weird Samuel-grin after successfully showing off.


The Adventures of Acorn the Squirrel- by the talented authors: Lydia and Jason

     This is Acorn the squirrel, and his family. He's the one in the middle. Fatty is the one on the right. Jay-squirrel is on the left. The biggest squirrel is their mother. They all live together in a hollow tree. One day, Acorn decides to fly away in a hot-air-balloon in order to see the world and find new friends.

                                                          He flew for many, many miles, until...

                                          Oh no! He's stuck. Help! Help! He doesn't know what to do!

Fortunately, it is an exotic Bolivian tree, which is home to three monkeys. They hear Acorn's cry for help, and rush to give him aid. He stays with them for a short time, but soon he is eager to be on his way. He thanks them for helping him, and flies on.

Several days later, he lands in Australia, and stops to make some repairs to his balloon. He meets a kangaroo and her baby. They help him patch his balloon.
                                                  Before long his balloon is as good as new, and he's off again!

His next stop is Africa, where he meets Coconut the elephant, Wallace the monkey, and a lion who ran away from home, and does not know his name. Acorn likes it here best of all, and he stays for many days. He's getting homesick, though, so he went off again.
He's home! Acorn enjoyed his trip around the world, and he made lots of new friends, but now he knows that there's no place like home.

                                                                                    THE END

 Oh wait, it's not the end. Jason said we needed a picture of the authors.

And there you have it. The Adventures of Acorn the Squirrel. Perhaps it lacks a little excitement. Ben thinks the lion should have been unfriendly and chased Acorn the squirrel, but Ben wasn't willing to help much, so too bad for him.

Pink flowers, and pet turtles

Me'n Jason :-)

I'm not sure what this tree is. I think magnolia. It's beautiful, anyway.

Close-up of the flowers

Another tree. I think this one is some kind of fruit tree.

The boys, or rather Piper and Phoebe found an enormous red slider turtle.

They are going to keep it as a pet, but I'm guessing it will gain it's freedom when we leave for Illinois on Monday.

Jason, admiring their find.
And just now, I witnessed Sam prying up the tractor mower with a concrete block and a board. (To see if there were baby rabbits underneath) There weren't, and the board fell on Ben's head. Poor Ben. I guess now he'll know to stand very far away when Sam undertakes something like that. (which happens fairly often) We aren't really doing school today, except Sonlight, which is pretty much our history books, and historical fiction and classics to go along with it. So we aren't doing much, except enjoying the weather, cleaning house, and being lazy. This evening we might be going to a Bible study at a friend's house. Dad is back on day schedule, so we can go to Wednesday and Friday night Bible studies again.


Short shopping trip

Me and my new hat, enjoying Spring!!!
     Today Dad had to go to some sort of event to recruit students for the aviation program he works at. It was at Arkansas State University, which is in Jonesboro, and the rest of us came along and did some shopping. We also looked around at the library to see if it was worth getting a card. We're always looking for bigger libraries. ;-) We went to Barnes and Noble, and Target, and other good places like that. At Target, I got myself a watch, and this lovely gray hat. I like the watch better than anything at Wal-mart, but I still really do not want to wear it. Everyone says I have to though, because I never know what time it is, so if I go somewhere by myself, I never know when to meet everybody else. Plus, since I am taking a college class, even though it's only piano, I probably should have a watch. They're so bothersome though... We had fast food and Doritos for lunch, then we had to pick up Dad, and head back so Sam and I could go to class. We didn't do much in class, because Spring break is coming up. Basically we just waited around for everyone to do their playing test. I went last, because we had to wait around for Mom to pick us up anyhow. Everyone else left as soon as they were done. Everyone, including the teacher was in a very good mood because of Spring break. Me too. We're going to Illinois to visit friends and grandparents, and it will be lovely. :-) So if I don't blog for a while, that's why... Complete change of subject here, but it's absolutely gorgeous outside. So I'm going out to enjoy it and spend some quality time with my problem child, Piper. :-) Look at my white arms in that picture! Don't worry, I'll be tan soon! :D


Marbled Paper: Do-it myself

Oh, I am so frustrated with blogger! I had just worked very hard on a post, and then it lost it! Then I tried uploading pics again and it lost them! I am very, very aggravated. It's never done that to me before. Oh well, here goes another try!

I've always wanted to make marbled paper, so when I saw a marbled paper project in Mom's Martha Stewart craft book, I decided the time had come. Unfortunately, I didn't really like her instructions, and I didn't have some of the supplies, so I poked around on the internet and read many many articles on how to make marbled paper. Unfortunately, there were many different methods out there, from the traditional method with expensive specialty supplies, to a stupid kid's craft with shaving cream and food coloring! The ones somewhere in between there was what I was looking for, and eventually I just cobbled together my own, from what I had read.
This is my workspace. The catalog pages were to sop up the mess (haha!), and the white sheets of paper are the ones to be marbled. First of all, however, everyone agreed you should brush a alum solution on one side of them, which is supposed to make the color absorb better. Alum is just some white powder thing that people use to make pickles (and marbled paper), and you can get it in the spice aisle.
These are my paints. They're just regular acrylic paints that I watered down a little. To start I had red, blue, copper, and light green, but I added some other ones later, in place of the copper and green, because they were so light they didn't show up much.
I had to let the alum-coated paper dry, but I'm rather impatient about such things. So I decided to iron one, just to see if I could speed the process up a bit. I didn't know whether or not you could put the iron directly on the paper, so I ironed between a scrap of cloth instead.

Finally! Time for the good part. At first, I couldn't get the paint to stay on the top. Really you were supposed to thicken the water with liquid starch, or something like that, but I didn't have any. Eventually I got some to float on the top.

At this point, I got super excited, because I could finally get the paint to stay where I wanted it. It was so much fun swirling it around! It didn't stay blotchy like this for long... I swirled it with a toothpick.
At this point my photographers (Sam) failed, and accidentally took a movie instead of pictures. So you don't see me swirling it, or lowering the paper down onto it, but here is the final result. I could not for the life of me get a good picture, but in real life it has a really cool pattern. The colors were not half as bright as I wanted them, though.
I did four or five more sheets. This is my workspace when I was done. The water was a very thick plum-colored substance, and the table had various colors of paint flung on it.

And here is the finished result! Not terribly impressive, mostly due to the fact that the colors weren't very bright, and my papers refused to have their wrinkles ironed out. But! The process was a lot of fun, and I fully intend to do it again. Next time, however, I will either buy brighter colors, or ones that are made specifically for marbling paper.

In conclusion, I have five halfway decent pieces of marbled paper, and I have finally attempted to make marbled paper! Hurray, for me. :-)


Me and my imagination...

This is a blurry picture of me and my hat. I assume my imagination is hiding underneath it. It doesn't like to be photographed...
I can’t help imagining things. It’s just part of the way my brain works. Sometimes I get paranoid about dumb things, just because I have too vivid an imagination. I imagine what I would do if the house caught on fire in the middle of the night. I imagine what it would be like if the elevator got stuck halfway between the two floors. I imagine what would happen if our car broke down at night in the middle of nowhere. And the list goes on. I have a particularly odd imagination in the middle of the night. I hate waking up at night, because I know I will freak myself out with stupid, irrational imaginings.
    Of course I don’t always imagine awful things. I’m really not much of a person to be all morbid and pessimistic. Mostly I only imagine robberies, fires, and floods in the middle of the night, when it’s very dark and everyone else is asleep. My daytime imagination is much more agreeable.
    I imagine what heaven will be like, and most particularly I imagine that there will be amazing new colors, and that we’ll be able to ride down mile-high waterfalls without getting hurt. I imagine that even though you can’t sit in the clouds now, you will definitely be able to in heaven. After all, who doesn’t think the clouds look exactly like something fluffy to sit on while you look down on the world?
    I imagine what it would be like to live in just about every time period and country I can think of. China, Africa, Venice, India, Paris, Mexico, and even California! Lol. In short, I imagine lots and lots of different things!
    I imagine things about my real life too. I imagine myself chewing somebody out (guilty look). I imagine what I will say to someone and what they will say back. I imagine what will happen if so-and-so does such-and-such. I imagine what I will write in a letter to a friend before I ever write it, and I imagine what kind of person I’m going to turn out to be. I could go on and on, but I imagine you are bored of this now, and I also imagine I had better get to work on school! :-(


Are You Normal?

     Announcing the normal homeschooler competition! Have you ever wondered whether you, as a homeschooler are a fairly normal person? Have you ever asked yourself, ‘Am I weird?’ If so, you are not alone! Not only that, but we’ve put together this handy little quiz to help you ascertain just how weird, (or just how normal), you are! Anybody who gets a score of five, on all twenty questions, will win a ‘I’m a normal homeschooler’ medal. Don’t hesitate! Take the quiz now, and see if you truly are normal, or not!!!!!

1. Suppose that you are a sixth grader. If someone asked you what grade you were in, what would you answer...
   A. I’m in sixth grade. (5 points)
   B. I’m supposed to be in sixth grade. (3 points)
   C. I think I’m in eighth grade. (1 point)
   D. I’m working on my PhD. (0 points)  

2. You’re on a shopping trip with a friend, and you go to JCPenny’s. Your purchases include...
   A. Some tops that you really thought were cute. (5 points)
   B. A few things you found on the clearance rack.(3 points)
   C. Nothing, you only buy clothing at thrift stores. (1 points)
   D. Nothing, you don’t feel that they carry modest clothing. (0 points)

3. The holidays are here! Somebody asks if you have you have your Christmas tree up yet. You say...
   A. Yeah, we got it out yesterday! (5 points)
   B. We’re still trying to decide whether to get one this year. (3 points)
   C. We don’t ever have a Christmas tree. (1 point)
   D. We don’t believe in Christmas. (0 points)

4. When you come out of your bedroom in the morning, you will be wearing...
   A. Jeans (5 points)
   B. Probably jeans, but maybe your pajamas. (3 points)
   C. A skirt, or jeans and a belt with your shirt tucked in (1 point)
   D. A skirt, preferably an ankle-length blue jean one. (0 points)

5. Someone asks you what you like to do. You say...
   A. Watch TV, chat on Facebook, etc. (5 points)
   B. Nothing, you hate that question, and don’t know how to answer it. (3 points)
   C. Um... read.. and um... (1 point)
   D. Help my mom with chores, and play with the siblings God has blessed me with. (0 points)

6. Someone asks you what you want to be when you grow up. You reply...
   A. I don’t know yet. (5 points)
   B. Oh, lots of things... (3 points)
   C. I don’t want to grow up (1 point)
   D. A ballerina, princess, or mad scientist (0 points)

Pretend that if you click here, the rest of the twenty questions will appear. ;-)

So how was your score?  I averaged about a three (or maybe a two), but my score hardly counts, because I wrote it, and of course I was influenced by my opinion of myself and other people. Which basically means that I think I’m kinda weird, but I’m glad I’m not as weird as some people. This quiz thing could have gone on, and on, but I decided against it. After all, writing a normal homeschooler quiz probably scores a C.(one point) on the normal scale, and writing a three-page one? Definitely a zero, and that would really hurt my three average. :-)


An average, boring Sunday...

    Today is a very boring sort of day. I don’t have anything to write about, but on the other hand, I’m bored, so I am writing, and I imagine that something interesting will come out like it always does. :-) I am reading the diary of Anne Frank, which definitely promises to be good. We made a trip to the library a few days ago, and so I have some books to read. Yesterday I read Do Butlers Burgle Banks? By P.G. Wodehouse, and it was pretty good. I also have an enormous book of short stories by Washington Irving, which I am sure to never finish, and some sort of memoir by Theodore Roosevelt’s daughter in-law. I had some other ones too, but they were ones I could finish fast, and that type doesn’t even last me a day, because I read them right away. One of them was by Joan Bauer, who is a new author I have found to read. She’s been good so far, and I love her writing style.
    Come to think of it, it’s almost time to go to church. This time change thing has set me off. Dad is starting Genesis on Sunday nights. Today I helped with Sunday school, so I have no clue what our pastor did this morning. You probably wouldn’t want to know anyway. :-) Speaking of our church, it is getting bigger, and they are thinking about getting a new building. Right now it’s on a store front, but maybe we’ll be moving into an empty theater near by. We all looked at it this afternoon. It would need a lot of work, but it has a lot of possibilities too. So anyway I don’t know what will happen. If we move to the theater I can help paint, though. I’ve done a bit of that, and I’ll probably have to do a lot more if we ever get to move into that house! Well, I’m signing off and getting ready for church. Hopefully I have time to post this, and also find some random pic to go with it. Posts are so boring without pictures! Toodles!...


Weird Earrings

     So this is a picture of my ear. Lol. But really it's supposed to be a picture of the earrings I made. They're rather interesting, and honestly I can't ever imagine what I would wear them with. However, I really had a need to do something creative, and that's what I did...

      Today was a spring-cleaning sort of day. Mom scrubbed all the floors, and we had all the windows open. It was really nice. The spring part, not the cleaning part, that is.
     We had some people over from church tonight. They have a little boy who's almost two, and a baby girl. So I held a baby for a long time, which I have not done in forever, and we all had fun. I am hoping that somehow there will be some of the apple pie we had left when I wake up. Apple pie is one of my favorite things to have for breakfast. :-) Speaking of waking up, there's a time change! Ugh, I really don't like it. I like the one in fall, when it feels like you get an extra hour of sleep. I don't know if we're adding an hour or subtracting an hour this time, I just know that I like the other one better. :-)