Why I should probably keep my room clean.

I finally got around to cleaning my room, after procrastinating forever (one of my bad habits), and I discovered several interesting things buried under my stuff. The first thing I found was twenty dollars! It was in a cool basket with a lid that my Grandma brought home from Mexico, along with a large amount of dried rose petals. Don't ask. I don't know. Then I found this pair of earrings that I was afraid I had lost forever. I made them out of postage stamps, and even though everyone thinks they're strange, I like them. Although I have yet to wear them. They're kinda big and startling. I'm hoping to find some smaller postage stamps, and make some different kinds. I also found a funny poem I wrote a while ago. Apparently I was having trouble with school. I'm glad I don't feel that way right now. This is it:

I studied so hard my brain popped.
It flew to the ceiling, then flopped
Down to the wall, then it plopped
Onto the floor where it stopped.

It's impossible to study anymore,
Since my brains are lying on the floor.
They've been overloaded, as you clearly see,
I don't think they'll work till the next century.

I most strongly suggest a vacation.
I'm sure there's a direct correlation,
Between popping brains, and too much school,
And popping brains just are not cool. 

Lol. I guess I was having a rough time of it. In conclusion, it might be a good idea to keep my room clean, for the sake of keeping my money and earrings and poems where they belong. But most of all, because I might get in trouble if I don't. ;-)  I don't foresee ever finding twenty dollars again. Although, I don't know, I do keep my money in odd places. I'm not telling where though...
Well, I better be going. Should be time for lunch pretty soon, and we're having some delicious stromboli. (bread stuffed with cheese sausage and egg. Yum!) After that Dad's taking Sam and me to piano class. See ya!

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