I was kind of startled to see our neighbor Norma at the door. I had thought it was just Jason rapping on the glass door like that. She wanted to know if my Dad was out watching the fires. I said that yes, both of my parents were watching the fires. She said oh, well she didn't know if it was out of control, and I said as far as I knew it was perfectly under control. Then she asked how we were doing, and I said fine, and blah blah blah, whatever you're supposed to say to nosy neighbors. Then she drove off, and I went back to my schoolwork. And that's when the fire got out of control. The first thing I heard was that a huge cypress tree was on fire, and that the fire department was going to come. I went out to investigate, and found out that the middle of the tree was on fire. Evidently it was hollow, and it was going to completely burn up, and probably burst into flames and catch everything else on fire. The next thing I heard was that a poor squirrel had inhaled to much smoke, and was lying up in the tree half-dead. That information was courtesy of the boys. I was still expecting the fire department, and wondering if Norma would come over again, but then they said it would cost five hundred dollars. What? I thought fire trucks were for free! Oh well. We handled it on our own. Dad cut the tree down, and made Mom very nervous in the process, and then we all cut it up and hauled it away.
We had to stop the fire from spreading all the way up the tree, so we sprayed it with water, and then Dad cut away the part that was on fire. It took a long time to get it cut and pull it away with the tractor, but we got it before it spread.

The fallen tree. It is kind of sad, because it was a really big, amazing tree.

Timber! All my family is quite impressed that I got a picture of it while it was falling. Can you see the person on the other side of the tree, running away? That's Dad. The tree wouldn't fall, and just kept swaying, so he kept going back and cutting some more. Mom was not happy, but he lived, even though we all thought he might get squashed before our very eyes. It was a pretty hairy, hectic day because of this tree. I'm still not done with school, and we were almost late for piano class. Actually we were, because to begin with, Dad drove off to work with Mom's keys, and then we practically ran out of gas. Like I said, quite the hairy day.


  1. O wow! I am sorry that tree got burned :( I hate when trees die........ ;)

  2. It was sad. :( Sad about the squirrel too.