This was supposed to be part of the post with the pictures, but it was really acting up and being difficult, so I just made this separate.

     I woke up in the middle of the night to the biggest storm I've seen in a long time. All I could think of is that all the trees were going to get struck by lightning, and fall over, and burn up. In the middle of the night I have a pretty extraordinary imagination. It was somewhat legitimate though, considering all of those tall, half-dead trees, and our adventures with them. In the morning, poor Pookie and Piper were absolutely soaked. I think they had a pretty rough night. We let them in and dried them off, and then they just slept and slept for hours. It was a little difficult to dry Piper off, because she felt it was necessary to charge the towel and tear it into pieces. I felt like a bullfighter waving the towel around and trying to avoid a wet muddy dog. School didn't go enormously well with a late start, and I'm afraid I still have to catch up on history tests and stuff. Ugh. For a surprise, we went to Pizza Hut for lunch with Dad before he had to go to work and Sam and I had to go to piano class. I cracked up, because they had the most hilarious waitress who reminded me of Lucy in the I Love Lucy Show. It was hilarious, she talked like her, and acted like her, and laughed like her. She even looked kind of like her, except she had dark hair. Then when I pointed it out to Mom, she agreed, and kept cracking up too. We went to Wal-mart after that, because we needed dog food, and Jason wanted to get Ben's birthday present. I took Jason, but he couldn't find what he was thinking of, so then we went and looked at the toys forever. He couldn't decide, and couldn't decide, and then I realized that we were probably running late for class. Just then Sam ran around the corner to find us, and off we went. Jason will have to wait until we go to town on Sunday to buy a present. At least I helped him find some ideas. I can't believe Ben is going to be nine! His birthday is on March 8, which isn't far away! Piano class went well. We're supposed to do a piece called the Forty-Finger Ensemble, which means four of us have to play different parts all at once. It's kind of cool, except I am nervous that either I'll mess up and mess everybody else up, or one of my partners will mess up and mess me up. That's a lot of messes. Sam has the fourth part, and the other group doesn't have a fourth person, because two people didn't come to class, so he has to play his twice. Fortunately, he got the easiest one, and he's not somebody who would mind doing it twice. Also fortunately, he got a part low down, and I got one high up, so we should be able to practice it together on one keyboard at home. When we got back we played in our flooded front yard (see below), and then I spent forever getting this stupid blogger thing to upload the pictures right. Now I have to do some school, practice piano, etc. So off I go...

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