Things I wish people wouldn't say to me...

    My hair is very long, to say the least, almost long enough to sit on. It’s been that length for a long time, and I happen to like it that way. Maybe I will cut it someday, but maybe I won’t. I don’t really mind people commenting on it or asking about it, except when they mention Locks of Love. Not that Locks of Love isn’t a good idea, and I’m sure lots of unfortunate people benefit from it, but I find it very aggravating when people think they should educate me about it. They always ask, “Have you ever heard of Locks of Love?” and I nod or say something, while I’m thinking, yes I have, about a million times! Then they want to know if I’ve ever thought about donating my hair. I don’t know what to say at that point, so I just shrug, while I’m thinking, yes I have, since a million different nosy people like you have shoved it in my face. Then, if I’m especially unlucky that day, they say, “I think your hair is long enough.” or “They’d be glad to have your hair, you know.” Aaaaaaa!!!!!  The whole world wants to recruit my hair for Locks of Love! Good grief, just because my hair is longer than yours doesn’t mean it’s public property! I don’t go around telling random people what to do with their hair! How nosy is that?
    It’s even more aggravating when people have just met my family, find out we’re homeschooled, and that all four of us kids really belong to the same family, (isn’t that unreal? Never heard of four kids before...), and then they decide that the Duggars would be a good topic of conversation. And suddenly, before my very eyes we have become just like the family on TV who homeschools their nineteen kids. What?! Let’s rewind a little bit. How did you get from four kids to nineteen? In case you don’t know, that’s almost five times as many kids! I would also appreciate it if you would take a look at our personal appearance. Am I wearing a skirt? No! In fact, people like the Duggars are the very reason I would rather not wear skirts. Do the boys all have matching shirts? No! Are we on TV making a big deal about having four kids. Definitely not! And just in case you haven’t figured it out, I do not appreciate the Duggars, I do not admire them greatly, and I am very upset that you would even think of associating us with them! Argh. Could we please ignore all the creepy homeschoolers, and treat the ones that are kind of normal like real people?
    So there you have it. My own sarcastic explanation of why I don’t ever want to hear about Locks of Love or the Duggars, ever again! On a happier note, today is Friday, so happy Friday all! :D

P.S. I promise not to bite your head off if you mention Locks of Love or the Duggars. I’m very nice and tolerant of people, but inside I might be rolling my eyes, and sticking my tongue out at you, and thinking very sarcastic things about you. ;-)

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