Sticks, Reagan, and Cookies

Just because this post needed a picture. This is Jason's sword made with only sticks and mud. Pretty creative, huh? As you can obviously see, I had no trouble getting him to pose with his new, uh... weapon.
     We mostly spent today cleaning up fallen trees and brush, and burning it. There is a TON of stuff to pick up, and all the trees are really old and half dead, so more keep coming down. : -(  Ugh. I don't like it much. I don't like a lot of work very much. :-) My Uncle Paul might be coming next week to help us. That would be a big help. He and my mom and her family all have a ridiculous work ethic that terrifies me. I think it's because they lived on a farm, and had a German dad. That means I'm a quarter German, but I don't have any German characteristics like that at all. In fact it's hard for me to imagine that I'm German. On the other side I'm Swedish, and I don't know what else. What are Swedish people like? I don't know. Maybe they're lazy and fun-loving and that's where I get it from. Anyhow, other than picking up sticks and burning stuff, I've been reading, playing computer games, and watching a long movie about Ronald Reagan with Mom and Jason. I can't imagine Jason actually finds it interesting. I'm guessing he just feels special watching it with me and Mom. It's kind of odd, Ronald Reagan is all over the place these days. I guess it's around his one hundredth birthday (if he was still living). Also for some reason Obama keeps talking about how much he admires Reagan. It seems really weird that Obama wants to be like Reagan, because from watching that movie, he's doing the entire opposite thing Reagan did. Reagan was against big government, and cut spending, and all the opposite things Obama is doing. I can't really figure it out. There's an article in TIME magazine about Obama and Reagan, but it looked to boring for me to actually read. There was a short one by Reagan's daughter though, that was easy to read and pretty cool. I'm fairly sure I like Reagan better than Obama. Positive, actually. Tomorrow they're having a ham and bean lunch at church. I don't know why it's ham and beans. I think they had leftover ham bones from Christmas or something. Mom's making a chocolate cake for it, using an amazing recipe she has, and Dad is making cookies. Which is a little odd, because Dad's a very good cook, but he rarely bakes anything. I don't know if the cookies are for church though. They might be just for us. I think he's making my favorite recipe, chocolate cookies with chocolate chips and walnuts. It's delicious! This was a rather scatter-brained post, and I don't know what the title is going to be. German work ethic, Obama-Reagan, and cookies and cake? How about Sticks, Reagan, and Cookies. I think I'll go with that one. Not that anyone will have a clue what it means until they read it.

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