Saturday! :-) :-) :-)

    Today is Saturday! The weather continues to be nasty, just like everywhere else in the country. We don’t have blizzards or ice or anything, though. Just bitter, bitter cold and an ever so light dusting of snow. I was going to slowly wake up in my pajamas, and read, and play a computer game, but after a while I felt guilty for not caring for my doggy-child, so I got dressed, and put on my glasses. I avoid wearing my glasses on Saturday morning, because as soon as I put them on I feel much more wide awake, and the point of Saturday morning is to stay sleepy as long as you can. ;-) I was going to invite Piper in to lie on her towel, because then I could feel like I was giving her some quality time, but I could keep reading my book. Normally she is willing to settle in with a biscuit, and she even drifts off to sleep. Unfortunately, that was not the case this morning. As soon as I let her in I realized she was an uncontrollable energy bomb, so I was compelled to take her on a walk. She was absolutely crazy, racing up and down the path, and bounding through the brush chasing imaginary creatures. Or at least they seemed imaginary to me, with my human nose. Piper, however, knew that a rabbit had been there five hours ago! I talked to her the whole way about various subjects, mostly about how my ears were slowly turning to ice and were going to break off very soon. She was unimpressed, in fact, I believe she was completely ignoring me. When we got back to the house, I fed her, and told her to run around and around in circles to burn her energy, and now I am sitting here, deciding what to do with my Saturday. I really ought to do something creative or productive. But we shall see. I don’t often do what I ought to on Saturdays. I can be proud of myself for reading though, because I’m reading a book by Harriet Beecher Stowe, which means it is both a classic and historical, and it makes me use my brain. Did you know there were books besides Uncle Tom’s Cabin by her? I didn’t, but I found one called Oldtown Folks at the library. I’ve already tried to read it twice, but this time I promise myself I am really going to do it. I think I tried nearly seven different times to read Uncle Tom’s Cabin. That’s kind of the way it is with me and classics. I know they’re good books, but sometimes I almost have to read it out loud to follow them. I’m really glad when I finish one though! I am off to read my book, then, and maybe by the time I’m bored of that, Piper will be calmed down enough to let inside.

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