Jane of Lantern Hill, and others...

Practically everyone knows and loves Anne of Green Gables. But not many people have read the rest of L.M. Montgomery’s books, such as Emily of New Moon or Magic for Marigold. One of her best books ever, (in my opinion), is Jane of Lantern Hill. It’s about a girl named Jane Victoria, who lives with her mother, aunt and grandmother in a dreary old mansion. Her Grandmother is a spiteful old woman who holds Jane in high contempt, always reprimanding her and putting her down. Not only that, Jane’s mother is a meek unhappy little person, who won’t stand up to Grandmother, and lives under her thumb. All in all it is a very oppressing life, and the fastidious Aunt Gertrude who keeps everything stark clean hardly helps. The only things that brightens Jane’s life is her friend Jody who lives next door, and the moon, where she goes every night in her imaginings. Then suddenly, everything changes overnight, when Jane is told by a malicious schoolgirl that her father is still living, but that her mother left him because of Jane. Jane angrily confronts her mother and grandmother, who finally tell her the story, which Jane accepts as truth. She grows to hate the man who hurt her wonderful mummy so badly, but just as she decides to hate him, her father sends a letter demanding that they send Jane to be with him over the summer. They are all perfectly horrified, but he has a legal right to her, and it is finally agreed that she must go. Jane knows it is going to be awful, until she meets her father. It’s like she’s known him all her life! They’re kindred spirits, and she can’t believe she ever hated him. Not only that, but P.E. Island is wonderful, and she and Dad, as she now calls him, are buying the most perfect little white house on Lantern Hill, not far from the shore. Jane sets up housekeeping, and enjoys it immensely. She meets new friends, discovers her hidden talents, and does everything wonderful that Grandmother would disapprove of. There’s only one thing, though. How could two perfect people like Mummy and Dad not love each other? If only they were all together, she would never have to live in the dreary old place with Grandmother again, and she knows it would be wonderful. The more Jane finds out, the more she think it was just a misunderstanding, and the more she hates Grandmother for coming between them, and she determines that somehow her little family will be together again. But I won’t tell you how it ends, because you should read it yourself... :-)


  1. Ohhhh, now I HAVE to read those books! They sound really good, Anne Of Green Gables are some of the best books I've ever read!!

  2. I could loan you some, if we see you soon. I've got tons and tons of them. Jane of Lantern Hill is my favorite, but there's a lot more. I collect them. :-)

  3. Okies, sounds awesome, i would love to come down and help you guys move again! but idk if we wll b able to..we'll see!!